Posted on 08/17/2008

Video filmed on the March 19, 2008

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Interview Batistuta - part 1 (ESPN - 12.03.2008)

Bon ! Un ami argentin m'avait inculqué quelques notions d'espagnol (argentin), et j'avais ensuite continué d'apprendre par moi-même... mais à l'oral, j'ai vraiment du mal, lol !
Tant que c'est écrit j'arrive à comprendre à peu près, mais là, il parle trop vite pour moi, mdr...
Alors si une bonne âme pouvait me noter ici ce qu'il dit, ça m'arrangerait bien...
9 years ago.
Voilà... j'ai réussi à trouver la traduction en anglais... c'est déjà plus compréhensible pour moi...

Woman: He was very restless, so, he had bruises of all kinds
Man#1: He couldn't decide between football or basketball…
Man#2: The Joy he brings to the people...
Man#3: He achieved everything with a lot of sacrifice and a lot of humility; he always tried to improve…
Man#4: He has always managed his life flawlessly…

Bati: …Then she says "let's go, we'll take you to Newell's", ta, ta, ta, just like that, all that happened in one month! I wasn't ready, I was doing something I didn't want to do... Or at least I wanted to but, not there. I had met my wife a month ago! I was in love and I thought OK, it's happening, maybe I have a future here, I was able to analyze the situation... I'm in love but this a chance of a lifetime, this girl really loves me, she will love me today and she'll love me a year from now, if I miss this chance it won't happen again. So I went to Newell's, I was suffering and mising a lot and that is where it all started. Then I arrived and I ran into Bielsa (laughs)... Nahh... (Applause)… 5 it was awful, because in Reconquista we trained Tuesdays and Thursdays with the club if it didn't rain, because if it did the field was ruined.

Interviewer: And there? [Referring to the club]

Bati: I stayed there and Grifa said, tomorrow you are going to start training with Bielsa, and I sad ok. In the boarding house there were 2 guys that played with him, the next day I woke up and each of the guys was with a broomstick and they said Bielsa wants them to use as a marker, you know the forward had to ran towards marker, the field looks like an airport (laughs). There were red, green cones, in every color, it was a circus, don't really know what it was (laughs). Before going to practice you needed an engineer to tell you, this is for this (laughs), and all that, I was lost. I wanted to kick the ball towards the goal; I didn't want to run from one place to another, I just wanted to kick the ball.

Interviewer: And besides the boarding house?

Bati: 9 Yes, it was very sad; I would like to send my kids there one week.

Interviewer: Why?

Bati: For them to see how it was, really.

Interviewer: Was it hard?

Bati: Yes, really hard, you can't really say, because I can't explain what it was.

Interviewer: Tell me something about it….

Bati: The boarding house was under the grandstand of Newell's, you know how fans are, when they win they are happy and when they loose they break everything, the first thing the broke was the window of our boarding house, besides they all had bars. In winter, imagine how cold it was, they didn't give us anything, we slept almost fully dressed, (laughs a bit), . The bed was this [points to the floor], this was the bed, it was hard, it's just a piece of wood with a very thin mattress [makes a "tiny" sign] and the pillow….it was a mess, and we slept there, almost 6 or 7 people, the boarding house was for 13 guys but at that moment there were 7 or 8 guys and I was there, when I arrived they put me on a diet, the only good thing in the boarding house was the food. I always remember the boarding house, every time I have something new I remember the bourding house because I didn't have anything when I was there, zero, nothing. So I would wait until my friends shaved then I went for the shaver.

Interviewer: Used by them?

Bati: Yeah, it is normal, at that time that was normal, now is like you are killing someone. Back then it was normal.

Interviewer: Sure.

Bati: The shaving foam, don't even mention it… (laughs)

Interviewer: Soap?

Bati: Soap! (I used) soap..

Interviewer: But it itches afterwards..

Bati: Yeah, it itches everywhere, it hurts, soap doesn't have any effects, I don't know why they use soap if it has no effects. This guy Gustavo, he had money, still has it, he had a godfather who sent him everything to the boarding house; salami, alfajores [a very popular cookie sold in Argentina, it's generally a sandwich cookie covered in chocolate], etc, and the 8 guys who were there, we were starving; I slept with him, so he hid what his godfather sent him and at night we had to wait for the other guys to fall asleep and at 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning we opened the alfajore very carefully because if any noise was heard 2 seconds later there were suddenly 7 guys and we had to share the alfajor with everyone and I didn't eat anything.

Interviewer: Listen to me, look what I…

Bati: Every night, I…

Interviewer: Listen to me, I have something to tell you, open it the way you used to [shows him an alfajor].

Bati: No! (laughs and applause)

Interviewer: Stop, stop, silence , I want to hear if he still has the art of opening an alfajor, silence., silence, eh?

Bati: Ah, listen, listen, this is the noise! it's done. I don't make too much noise. First you lift off this, now I'm going to do it fast, you make less noise .

Interviewer: And you opened it..?

Bati: After 25-30 minutes you got to this point, and then "tac!", and then you ate it! It was fast..!

Interviewer: (it took you) Half an hour to open an alfajor?

Bati: Sometimes, somebody was walking outside and you had to eat it fast, because the boarding house was a hall…

Interviewer: A hall?

Bati: Yeah , it was a hall, it was a corridor with 2 beds, with a division that didn't touch the ceiling, then the normal corridor and a closet or something similar , I didn't use it completely because of the amount of clothes I had…(laughs)
9 years ago.