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black snapper

16 Dec 2016 155
That felt like greetings from the deep (and dark) sea while floating on the surface. Marsa Alam, Egypt

fish tank

14 Dec 2016 1 171
... big enough to snorkel in there. Marsa Alam, Egypt

lagoon triggerfish

16 Dec 2016 2 154
That seemed to be a spot they liked. Marsa Alam, Egypt

cloud number 7?!?

11 Jul 2016 2 4 215
Cumulus cloud close-up. Ah, it would be so nice to sit there.

Munich TV tower

21 May 2016 2 190
Here the Munich TV tower in front of the sunset sky.

swimming contest

18 Feb 2016 232
While the sea life close to the shore of Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, was not that spectacular, it was always a pleasure to swim with the turtle. But, no chance.

Do I always have to be on display?

11 Feb 2016 1 1 253
That Indian peacock also makes a good figure by just standing around.

the purple swamphen group

11 Feb 2016 1 2 213
... with a nice blue glow, in Bundala National Park, Sri Lanka

Where are the bees?

10 Feb 2016 2 149
That green bee-eater was so kind to sit still for a few seconds.

fly agaric land

03 Oct 2015 2 10 242
that one may had to struggle a bit to reach the surface

wave hunting

28 Sep 2015 219
the waves were little bit too small to get underneath, but strong enough, to overthrow you later on

curved shore

24 Sep 2015 180
the color of the sand made this spot also quite attracting

churning ocean

24 Sep 2015 197
quite busy water, that even the sand can't stay on the ground

semi-pink flamingos

22 Sep 2015 2 4 182
The beautiful flamingos seem to get easily nervous and walk away, when you get a bit closer. So, my equipment is unfortunately always at its limit when shooting (photographs!) them.


29 Aug 2015 2 2 263
no place for little spider in this town

Mittlere Linderspitze

23 Aug 2015 1 2 182
If that are "just stones" for you, stay away. Else, for this nice view over to the Mittlere Linderspitze you don't need to climb far on the Mittenwalder Höhenweg.

backing out

20 Jul 2015 3 10 355
This bumblebee finished that beautiful gladiolus blossom and is about to take-off for the next one.

waiting for food

11 Mar 2015 4 3 197
a Pit Viper, quite poisonous, but lazy

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