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  • The drama

    Just a couple drivers trying to occupy the same spot of roadway at the same time...

  • Pollution

  • Power

  • Catching a ride

    Two of the first inhabitants of my mini-reef aquarium. I got two black and green turbo snails, and the smaller white snail. After I put then in the tank, they clung to each other for a long time, then the two larger snails started exploring. The smalle…

  • What's for dinner?

  • Planet Iowa

    It looks kind of small, doesn't it?

  • Which way today?

  • Evening flight

  • Footprints

  • The full circle

  • Iced tree

    Ice coated tree near where I live. Shot handheld with an exposure time of 1/2 second. Not my sharpest image.

  • Embrace the sky

  • Belle of the Ball

  • Fish through the fisheye

    What happens to the water from the previous shot!

  • Fresh water

    Glass water jugs standing by a window at a grocery store in Iowa City

  • Java House

    Another Iowa City landmark. Not so often photographed, but frequently visited and that for a good reason. Today it is about the only pleasant place in town. Even in my most generous mode I could not get myself to call the weather anything but unpleasan…

  • Old Capitol

    The most photographed building in Iowa City, from the other side. Iowa City is the original capital of Iowa when it became a state in 1846. It was later replaced by Des Moines which has the advantage of being closer to the center of the state. This is t…

  • Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories

    The second most photographed building in Iowa City.

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