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  • Metra

  • View from the Dark Side

    The Wrigley Building in Chicago, seen from under Wacker Avenue, I think.

  • Reminds me of home...

    No, seriously. The closest I ever came to having a home was the farm where I spent most my childhood, and the best thing about that farm was all the old buildings that were falling apart on it. Like many Norwegian farms of that time it was really two or…

  • The black pearls

    NOT raisins!

  • Ring bokeh!

    Yeah, I got a mirror lens. 500mm, f8. I think it was worth the $75 I paid for it. My photos will never be in focus anymore. This is just too cool!

  • The new neighbour

  • Cold Night

    -16 and clear. It will only get colder. When is spring?

  • Sparrow

  • Sparrow

  • Cold feet?

    I kept my boots on!

  • A quiet spot

    But maybe not very suitable for a nap!

  • White on white

    Yes, I bought my car in the summer. Actually I bought it at the autumn sale, and the dealership was running out. I had the choice of white, or black with a lesser stereo. Or a bigger car that costs more and uses more gas.

  • I shoot what I see

    Outside my living room window today. I'm feeling too lazy to go any further for more exciting shots

  • Commute without drama

  • A little snack...

    More residents have moved into my nano-reef tank. This is a peppermint shrimp. I'm thinking I may get one more. I also got some blue discosoma and a six-line wrasse, but it is far too hyperactive to stay in focus.

  • Claw's length self portrait

    The little guys keep learning new tricks every day.

  • Pollution II

    This week I have been stuck on the freeway. The average has been 3 accidents on the way to work, and 2 on the way home again. It was about -22c when I took this shot, this is why the steam from the corn sugar plant is so dense. The roadway was clear th…

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