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  • Flying away

    ... and I'll be gone for a while...

  • Black Cherry

  • Lilacs

  • Potential

  • A little bit of sunshine

  • Bubbles

    Weird experiment with mirror bokeh and a shot of some pink cherry flowers that for some reason or other ended up on my balcony. Odd, since there are no pink cherry trees around where I live, and at the third floor I'm slightly above most cherry trees any…

  • Cherry tree I

    As seen by my Nikon D200 using the Nikon ED 70-300mm zoom. A little motion blur due to strong winds.

  • Cherry tree II

    As seen by my Nikon D200 using a Samyang 500mm f8 mirror lens. I think this was in focus, but it is hard to know since the branches were constantly moving in the strong wind.

  • Cherry tree III

    As seen by my Nikon D200 using the 500mm mirror lens and a Vivitar 2X macro-focusing teleconverter for a total of 1000mm and so much softness around the edges it is outright fluffy.

  • The classic

    A bit beat up though, but that is only to be expected as it is older than me. I traded this camera for a F6006 back in 1993 or maybe 1994. One of my friends worked in a camera shop, and one day while I was there an old Japanese man walked in, saying he…

  • Done for now

    I found this animal skull stuck on a branch near a path not far from where I live. Not sure what it is, but it looks a little like weasel or something related.

  • Emerging

  • A little crabby

    I once picked up some shells and dead dried crabs off a beach near Tacoma, WA, and glued them to a piece of cardboard and framed them. About 15 years later I'm tired of dusting off them, so I took a few shots of them and tossed them. Now I feel kind of…

  • Hanging on

    I thought this piece of wire looked a little like a humanoid hand, desperately hanging on to the wire

  • It has a point...

  • Spring, with thorns

  • Last Year's Grass

  • Winter Flowers

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