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  • TEA

  • I guess this is a good thing?

  • Summer in Seattle

    It really does rain a lot, but the locals seem to enjoy it...

  • It went swimmingly...

  • ZzzZZzzzzZZz...

    Sleeping, on the rocks!

  • Morning coffee

  • Good morning, Vancouver!

    And have a happy Canada Day!

  • Self portrait with moving background

  • Lake Union

    A red tram brightens up the otherwise grey streets of Seattle...

  • The Earth is Flat

    Really, it is!

  • Admiring the river

    Really, the force of the water is impressive. I just wish it would stay where it belongs.

  • The pond was never this large before...

    There actually is a pond down here, but it too has been taken over by the Iowa River, which has been rising to unprecedented levels the last few weeks and is still rising. My apartment now sits on an island, and I'm not sure I can make it in to work tomo…

  • St. Andrew's

    I don't know why, but this church door fascinated me.

  • I think my VISA card expired...

    This shot just reminded me of the little pigeon hologram on visa cards. And since it is landing away from me it can't symbolize another credit card landing in my mail box. And that is of course a good thing!

  • Fish & Chips

    He's only got the chips.

  • Coming in for landing

  • Did I see a snack?!!!

  • Heading for the camera...

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