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  • In the fence

    ... when on the fence is just too exposed!

  • Flying egret

  • Flying heron

  • Flying low

    Another pelican; they are almost all I have photographed lately.

  • Love is in the ... water?

    Carnations floating in the water near the Santa Monica Pier on Valentine's Day.

  • Through the clouds

    I've heard there's an eclipse tomorrow morning which should be visible from the California coast just as the moon sets. Only two problems; it will probably be ligth before the eclipse, and the forecast calls for rain. Meh!

  • My new lens is too big

    Zoom lenses aren't near as sharp as fixed focus, but when a pelican takes off almost directly below me, it would have been handy to be able to zoom out. So far, my best shot at a pelican, and it was ruined by me having too good a lens. If it wasn't f…

  • Cruisin' the beach

    Just another seagull. They are the only creatures in the greater Los Angeles area who want their pictures taken.

  • IR in the hills

    I finally got around to converting my old D70 to IR. Apart from that the RAW images come out hot pink, I'm quite satisfied with the result. This image is modified using Capture NX2 and Photoshop CS3 to remove the pink and modify the resulting colour to…

  • Freeway

    I-10, somewhere between Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

  • Keep Clam

    Sometimes the seagulls tries to break open a clam or mussel by dropping it on the sand. This can take some time, and it gives me a chance to get some good shots of the gulls since they usually stay in one area for a while.

  • Mission accomplished

    The clam broke open after being dropped several times. The gull was happy and had its meal, I was happy since I got some decent shots, but somehow I don't think the clam was entirely satisfied with the situation.

  • It was a dark and cold night in LA

    This is not really LA, but a stretch of coast near Pacific Palisades, looking towards Marina del Rey and LAX. The little streaks of lighting in the sky are airplanes on the approach to landing. It was so cold I forgot to adjust the white balance settin…

  • Pelican in evening light

    ... only slightly enhanced. ;)

  • Merlin's Gull

  • Golden glow

    Afternoon comes early in Los Angeles now. This is actually Santa Monica though. Some would say the difference is important. I don't.

  • Pink seagull

    Looks like it is slightly see-through too...

  • Pterodactyl

    That's what I keep thinking when I see these birds flying, and even more when they dive for fish.

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