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  • Under the Cloud

    The underside of the famous Cloud Gate skulpture in Chicago's Millennium Park.

  • Buckingham Fountain

  • Buckingham Fountain

  • Chicago River

    Opposite of Navy Pier.

  • How not to do it...

    When shooting this scene, I started out right, using a tripod and metering each part of the scene. Then I focused on the boat in the foreground... Which of course bobbed up and down on the water during the long exposure. If I had focused on something l…

  • Sunset

    At the Coralville reservoir. This is where I get my undrinkable tap water from.

  • Ship of fools

    Not sure why I thought of "Ship of Fools" when this boat passed by, but I'm sure it isn't descriptive of the people in the boat.

  • But will it blend?

    I'm not sure I can explain this image. It is a blend of two shots of the eclipse, taken a few seconds apart. I couldn't decide which was better, so I decided to blend the two. Sleep deprived as I was (the eclipse started around 3:45AM, after all) I can…

  • Shadowy

    My camera usually handles moon shots well, within its technical limitations, of course. But tonight it did not want to focus!

  • The bird

  • Sears Tower

  • Always look on the bright side of the moon...

    I'm just practicing for Tuesday!

  • Lily II

  • Lily I

  • Chicago Skyline

    Shot with my glare-magnet, the Sigma 10-20mm zoom. This shot also seems to have more distortion than normal, but I kind of liked it for some reason or other.

  • Chicago at night

    Taken from the Sears Tower

  • Seadragon

    At the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. I wonder if I can get one of these for my home aquarium?

  • Celebrating

    The Adler Observatory, Chicago I have heard this is a popular spot for weddings in the summer. In about 20 minutes I saw at least two wedding parties, so this information might very well be correct.

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