Posted on 03/27/2008

Photo taken on March 21, 2008



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Reminds me of home...

Reminds me of home...
No, seriously. The closest I ever came to having a home was the farm where I spent most my childhood, and the best thing about that farm was all the old buildings that were falling apart on it.
Like many Norwegian farms of that time it was really two or three farms that were bought up and combined to one, and when I was a child the old farm buildings that were no longer in use were still standing, though not generally in very good shape. Us kids used to play in them, though in hindsight I realize we shouldn't have been allowed too. There were rotten floors we could have fallen through and broken windows we could cut ourselves on. On shelves here and there were old bottles with questionable substances in them, and at least one of those old houses was still connected to the grid, and had loose electric wires. There were old pieces of machinery which no longer worked, but still had moving parts. My cousin once got her arm stuck in a particularly interesting machine with a big wheel and a handle to turn it. We figured out that the handle only turned one way first after she was stuck. Then I got my arm stuck trying to get her free...
Now the place is cleaned up, of course, and there are no old abandoned buildings anywhere, and no dangerous machinery left where children can hurt themselves on it.
The kids living on the farm now are very, very bored...