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  • Like polished copper

    The setting sun transforms two white Stena Line ferries in Gothenburg harbour in this week's photo originally published 30th march 2016. Also, if you follow the link below, my little story about Mrs Stena Line. er

  • Graffiti on a brick wall in St Job, Uccle.

    Photo taken yesterday.

  • Crossing Gamlestads bro

    While a new tram bridge is being built, a temporary bridge has been constructed to carry tram tracks over Säve stream – that’s the bolted-together girder structure that fills the most of this picture. In front, two people are crossing Gamlestads bro, a fo…

  • Lunch?

  • Typewriter closeup for Margaret Atwood on writers’ motives

    This week's Wednesday blog entry is for At the Quill - my first about writing for quite a while. I am reading Margaret Atwood’s book On Writers and Writing (originally Negotiating with the Dead). Here's my latest Wednesdya blog entry with some quotes ab…

  • Folded copper facade of Mechelen theater The Moon on Minderbroedergang. (Hoping I got all that right!)

  • Sunday greetings one and all!

    I was going to post a link to a new vlog episode, but I'm not sure if I'll have one to post, so this is in lieu. Another photo from Mechelen that I didn't include in Wednesday's blog post.

  • Young gull

    The photo of the week this week is a young gull - a herring gull, I think - still mostly in it's youthful plumage. It was hanging around with a number of other teenagers (gulls and human) at Brunnsparken waiting for som action. Or food. www.thesupercarg…

  • Alternative fact?

    A photo taken in Mechelen at the weekend I didn't use in my article.

  • Seeking refuge in Mechelen

    We were going to visit Mechelen anyway, but when the boiler died and there was no heat to be had at home all weekend, we sought refuge there in a hotel. A long photo walk in the mist/rain/snow in this quaint little city.

  • William Klein exhibition Toyko reflections

    Here one of Klein's photos from Tokyo is reflected in the glass of some of his other pictures. nique

  • Exhibition goers at William Klein 5 Cities

    A review of the William Klein "5 Cities" exhibition of photography at the Botanique gallery in central Brussels. No photography of the photography, they said, but you can take pictures to show how the photos are hung. So I did. Here some gallery goers up…

  • Chagall Retrospective - more

    And here is a link to a newly published gallery of photos from the exhibition, some of which I didn't include in the article I puffed yesterday. ive

  • Chagall - Dusk (detail)

    Going through and upgrading my older articles for Stops and Stories, I just came across my blog about the Chagall Retrospective here in Brussels that I wrote about in June 2015. The illustrations are all photos taken during the exhibition. www.thesuper…

  • Under a blanket of snow

    Under a blanket of snow, a woman and child huddle together at the foot of the Wallenberg monument. The monument stands in the park of Haga Church, in the centre of Gothenburg. This is my photo of the week this week. It was originally published on 1st Febr…

  • Yellow frame with street

    Outside Café La Pompe, Chausée de Waterloo and Avenue Adolphe Demeur.

  • Window display with decanter and mirror

    Detail of a window display in a shop selling art deco antiques on Ave Adolphe Demeur, Brussels.

  • Jazz heroes

    Follow the link below for a gallery of photos of the jazz heroes on the roll-up blinds of Chausée de Louvain in Saint-Joos-ten-Noode. y

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