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  • ~ Adeline ~

    CH Ange Ai Uri with custom Meggilu faceup. LOVE.

  • Volks DDdy Miu

    Finally found some modest clothes for Miu. ADAD 41.365

  • Volks MDD Maria

    ADAD 40.365

  • Volks Dollfie Dream Family

    Not the best pic, but shows my current Dollfie Dream obsession - Miu, Mariko and Maria. (Perhaps I also have an obsession with names beginning with M....) ADAD 39.365

  • Volks DWC #02

    Her gorgeous faceup is by Andreja.

  • Volks DWC 02

    Oooooh, I am so happy I ordered this head now. Andreja has brought this sculpt to life. I haven't found her 'look' as yet, but I think she looks cute in this DH Alice costume. ADAD 35/365

  • Miu Amaha

    I got a new wig for Miu (it's Creamy Mami's) and I really like it on her. Still waiting on my Volks order with her clothes *hmph* ADAD 29.365

  • Va Va Voom

    DDdy Miu Amaha ADAD 21.365

  • Volks MDD Ushiromiya Maria

    **eeeeeee** My little Maria has arrived. She's so sweet. I will work on her styling over the weekend. I will take try to take some pics of the DD family too. ADAD 16.365

  • Sweet sisters

    I adore Poppy's faceups. ADAD 5.365

  • Colin

    Well, no. It's actually Remi dressing as a boy.

  • Colin

    Well, no. It's actually Remi dressing as a boy.

  • VOLKS F-03 Sleeping Four Sisters

  • Volks Sara

  • VOLKS DDS Ms Mariko

    Well, this is my first ever Dollfie Dream - DDS Ms Mariko. The DD is a very different style of BJD. The squishy skin and internal skeleton is ...interesting. She is very sweet and I love her outfits.

  • VOLKS Lorina

  • VOLKS Alice

  • VOLKS Alice

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