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more inspirational stuff

Love the drawings.. I liked the blue dress the most. I wish I could sew!

vintage patterns

My aunt has many of these clothing patterns. I love the 70's ones the most.. I find the kids' editions very inspiring :)

L'enfant chic

I got my crafty bug from my aunt. She has lots of vintage magazines that are real eye candy to me.

waiting for our order

Enriqueta at Tio Mario's restaurant in Barranco district, Lima. We are getting picarones to go!

follow me!

Enriqueta visits Tio Mario. We're craving picarones. Yes.

In Barranco now!

Enriqueta is taking a stroll by the park :)

Barranco park

we went out to buy some stuff my auntie needed and took a small detour by the park, there was a small fair and we decided to check it out.

we like it here!

the sun came out in Lima this weekend..

There's no place like home

My, how I missed this little park around my (dad's) place in Lima. The whole world might love clear blue skies, but not me. I love this. It's home.
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