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Coragyps atratus
Americab black vulture
snowy egret
Egretta thunla

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Urubu with live catch

Urubu with live catch
VIEWER: Very nice, but in the background, isn’t that an …

ME (interrupting): … an egret? Yes, it is.

VIEWER: Well, I’ll let you off this once. By the way, why don’t you translate our little chats into Portuguese like you do with all your other captions for photos posted in Brazilian groups?

ME: Because the Brazilians, unlike you, have no problems with a plenitude of egrets and these altercations would never arise.

VIEWER: I think you can’t work out the Portuguese for “viewer”.

(Short pause, accompanied by a sound suspiciously like the rustling of dictionary pages.)

ME: Espectador. Or maybe observador.

VIEWER: What about “plenitude” then?

ME: Bah!

Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography has particularly liked this photo

Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography
Lodchjo - Lxxx Photo…
hahaha, nice dialogue! and good bird action shot.
it's cool you don't worry about the decapitated egret and just upload it as is!
9 years ago.
stʲuːwɐt (non-rhotic)
stʲuːwɐt (non-rhotic…
Thanks. I really liked the urubu's pose too much to worry about the egret: although I have another shot which I might upload that is less blatantly decapitory.
9 years ago.