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Coragyps atratus
American black vulture

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Enter, stage left

Enter, stage left
Spent twenty minutes or so today having my first go at real proper panning. There were a bunch of these buggers swooping around overhead, and I thought I’d try and catch them in flight. I think this one came out best: obviously it’s not all of him, but it’s got a nice drama to it, I thought.

Ŭel, TigerHead, Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography have particularly liked this photo

Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography
Lodchjo - Lxxx Photo…
wow, like a dancer!! i can imagine some tribal dances imitate this bird. i like this one very much!

as for the technical side: you might try to play with shadows/highlights - or use touch-up tools - to get the bird's head more in relief, because it blends too much with the wing. the white feathers are great.
9 years ago.
stʲuːwɐt (non-rhotic)
stʲuːwɐt (non-rhotic…
Thanks very much for the compliment – I rather like it too. These birds are, frankly, rather unattractive on the ground, but very elegant in flight, with the splash of colour at the wingtips really making it.

I might have a go at the head: I have to say that, being new to all this, I tend to mess up spot-alterations; but will give it a go.
9 years ago.