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  • Thunderbirds delta

  • T-33

    This is apparently one of the aircraft my uncle flew in the military.

  • Biplane x2

  • Biplane

  • MiG-17 at takeoff

    with a trailing haze from his afterburner

  • Thunderbirds diamond upside down

  • Best seat in the house

    The F-15 pilot climbed up on his aircraft to watch the Thunderbirds.

  • Thunderbirds Diamond

  • MiG-17

    This is apparently only the 3rd time this pilot has flown this aircraft which was new to his collection.

  • F-15

    Thought it was a Tomcat at first, but up close it lacks the swept wing of an F-14. Still, an Eagle is pretty cool in its own right. The markings indicate it belongs to the USS George W Bush carrier.

  • Solo Knight

    Flying the Mississippi state flag

  • Biplanes

    Two aircraft playing tag. The yellow & blue one was a homebrew

  • A pair of Knights

    A demonstration of how to land when you've got company in the air

  • Looking for fish

  • At the trail head

  • Wandering

  • Thou shalt not be nude...

    ... with the following exceptions. I think this was in response to the trail being used as an illicit rendezvous site.

  • Half way to whereever

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