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  • Epic Battle

    I'm hosting a giveaway over at my Facebook page. Winner receives both dresses from this epic battle. Head on over and have a look! :oD hes

  • Take Your Dalek for a Walek Day

    .....says Ryan! (Ryan says thanks again, C, for the FANTASTIC dalek outfit!!)

  • Happy BA Friday

    Ryan is SO pleased with her new BA dress. Thank you, Kyle! :o)

  • Middie Blythe Shorts

    available now! I've been having fun! :oD (khaki skirts too!)

  • Kitsy Meow

    She's never slept here before... It was a bit of a narrow space, but worth it to soak in the sunshine!

  • Happy Towel Day

    We'll celebrate tonight by listening to the audiobook while we make some nerdy dresses. :o)

  • little helper

  • Nora's new scooter

    Nora has been out this evening playing on her new scooter -- and sporting her new denim miniskirt by yours truly! :o) It's been gorgeous weather lately -- especially in the evenings! (My son gave me the tiny scooter for my birthday. He always has his…

  • Kitty Toes

    I wish I could sleep as comfortably as a kitty.....

  • BlytheFest Donation

  • BlytheCon Europe donation

  • Happy Wubba Wednesday!

  • Kitty Footses

  • headbands

  • Here's to a new Happy Place!

    Hoping ipernity is a happy place for Blythe and her many friends!

  • Everybody!

    Camryn, Ryan, Meredith, Bliss, Nadja (a visitor), Leonore, Fran

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