Posted on 10/20/2009

Photo taken on September 26, 2009

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Toad in the hall

Toad in the hall
This (now frequent) visitor to my new home has got the owner of the house wanting to change its name to "Toad Hall"! *T hee*

The toad pictured here was visitor ♯2 to this room, my third toad sighting. Marduk was going crazy barking and scrambling at a large geranium pot; when I got close to see what he was making such a fuss about I found this handsome creature! I locked Marduk inside while I took the toad outside and set it on its way.

Tonight I opened the window to let a toad out into the garden; this time it made its own way out! I grabbed Sekhmet as she leapt out after it and locked her inside for a couple of hours to allow Mr (or Ms) toad to get away. Either it was toad visitor♯4 or ♯3 has been staying in the front room for over a week, tucked away somewhere and silently keeping me company...

090926-212303 D06 Toad @ Bellabeg [CF ss]

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wow beautiful eyes indeed. the build tunnels here under streets, that they are able to walk without getting hurt, which is something i love, but i still wonder how they feel, stopping in front of a wall and jump next to it until they find such a tunnel ... might be confusing at first, but later they hopefully understand the reason why. wonderful beings!!!
9 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to twelvetwentynine
Really? They build tunnels?!? Oh wait a minute... *LOL* mean humans build tunnels for the toads!!! *giggles*
That is wonderful! How thoughtful! He he... thinking of how the toad might be confused... but better that than a splat... :~/
9 years ago.
When my cats were quite young, one of them picked a toad up in her mouth ... looked like she was rabid ... foaming etc ... they have left toads alone ever since. They are a great friend to gardeners too ... eating all those bugs! Very fortunate to have a resident toad, you are!
9 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to Shi*
Oh goodness. Hmm... you mean they both learned the lesson even though only one mouthed it? That is interesting!

Yes, I have various toady visitors and do consider myself fortunate to have them around, indeed! Somewhat traditional familiars, eh? *raises a brow*

They and the snake can have a bug-fest ~ there are plenty to go round!
9 years ago.
Lore M. Ipsum
Lore M. Ipsum
Well, we all know what happens when you kiss a frog, but what happens when you kiss a toad? ;-)
9 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to Lore M. Ipsum
If you kiss the "right one" you get to go on a psychedelic and mind altering trip... ;~D

In summary:

Kiss the frog
French kiss or lick the hallucinogenic toad
Blow a kiss at the poisonous toad
Hope you can tell the difference!
9 years ago.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson
That's a very self-satisfied looking fellow.
5 years ago.