Posted on 08/13/2007

Photo taken on June 10, 2007

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Beach bodyguards

Beach bodyguards
Trigger has yet to adopt Odin's more relaxed posture at approaching figures, there again it took a while for him to learn to curb his curiosity!

Hounds @ the beach not quite alone 07VI10 32

Wilco has particularly liked this photo

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A beautiful pair! You must have had quite some patience for this one...
9 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to Wilco
Thank you - aren't they gorgeous?! *smiles proudly* :-)

You mean patience for the shot or to train them not to run up to people?!
9 years ago.
Wilco has replied to Stiletto
*LOL* both can take a lot of time. I was referring to posing for the shot. Nio has perfect timing for that. Just when I have the right angle, he jumps up and walks away. Not once or twice but almost every time.
9 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to Wilco
He he he... :-D You're telling me! You know, it's funny. If I try to get the dogs to pose they don't get in the right place, start looking bored or away, change position, Marduk starts playing, one of them walks away... *LOL* Any and every combination, plus of course their innate habit of having their backs against the sun and eyes shielded. Then if I use food there can be a drool problem or over-eagerness and they fidget...

This photo is taken using a different approach. They aren't posed, it's the way they were naturally lying while we were sitting at the beach with Odin relaxed at my side and Marduk on a leash (not seen) because there were some people approaching from afar and I was training him to lie still. So, as the people got closer they were both looking up in the same direction, which made it interesting, so I grabbed my camera all the while being mindful of Marduk and his leash in case he leapt off... and just as I took this shot he started to raise himself! *LOL* The disadvantage with this approach is the inherent risk in juggling the camera with 45 kilos of flying dog who becomes oblivious of the constraints of the leash and just jumps up. It doesn't help with the training either! :-D

So, boy do I hear you!!!
9 years ago.
Nobody will approach you unpunished :)
Wonderful guys!!
9 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to knuddelbacke
He he - no shit!! *LOL* They ensure privacy and peace of mind on what can be quite a bare stretch of beach... invariably only friendly doggy people approach us :-)
9 years ago.
Nice Beach Doggy-guards!!! ^^
9 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to ACB-FannyJolyPhotogr…
They are the best!! :-)
Very effective. Privacy assured!
9 years ago.
Patty Jesberger
Patty Jesberger
they are awesome! Phantastic dogs
love them
8 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to Patty Jesberger
He he! :-D I see you've now met them... Here they're alert and watchful, but trust me, on their down time at home they can be like lounging cats! *LOL*

That's exactly the way I feel! Love them to bits! :-)

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8 years ago.