• east meon font

    Adam and Eve eat the fruit offered by the serpent on this Tournai marble font from c.1150

  • east meon 1150

  • bramley 1801 soane

    the transept was built by soane, with tracery of coade stone

  • grateley 1225 st.stephen

    glass from salisbury cathedral

  • grateley 1225 stoners

    glass from salisbury cathedral

  • grateley 1225 stoning of stephen from salisbury

    most likely from st.stephen's chapel in the cathedral, broken out c.1788

  • grateley 1225 salisbury glass

    glass from salisbury cathedral, broken out c.1788 before wyatt started work, saved by an enthusiast and given to the parish church at grateley

  • grateley 1225 gabriel

    obviously part of an annunciation, the glass came from salisbury cathedral before wyatt started work, about 1788, and seems to have been saved by antiquarian enthusiasts from where it was dumped

  • the vyne 1769

    c18 trompe l'oeil mural in the chapel over the pews

  • wilton 1841

  • wilton 1841-5 t.h.wyatt+brandon

  • east meon font c.1150

    Made in the mid C12th of Tournai marble this font shows the angel instructing Adam in the use of a spade, and booting Adam and Eve out of a many arched Eden. there are 8 and a half of these fonts in England.

  • thruxton hants 1480, 1869

  • christchurch reredos 1360

  • hurstbourne tarrant 1300

  • hurstbourne tarrant 1300

  • netley from west

  • netley nave 1290

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