bakewell crosses derbs c9/c10th

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bakewell crosses derbs c9/c10th

01 Nov 2009 117
Some of the many remains of crosses and slabs that fill the porch at Bakewell, many pre-Conquest in date. hundreds of grave markers, coffin lids and crosses were found when the tower was rebuilt in victorian times, the geatest number ever found anywhere yet.

youlgreave 1170

youlgreave church, derbs. font1200

07 Nov 2009 138
Salamander bites bracket of second bowl of this unusual font.

youlgreave font 1200

07 Nov 2009 132
Originally from the chapel of ease at Elton, the second bowl is a very unusual appendage. It has no drain.

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haddon 1427

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bakewell church, derbyshire,large collection of c1…

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12 Jan 2010 98
bigger than i expected!

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