Stewart Bremner

Stewart Bremner

Posted on 04/18/2013

Photo taken on April 18, 2013

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Fujichrome CDU-II
Houghton-Butcher Box Ensign 2½
Tetenal C-41
self developed
expired film
medium format
self portrait

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Unlikely happenings

Unlikely happenings
1 x 1923 Houghton-Butcher Box Ensign 2½ (116 format)
1 x 616 spool
1 x 116 spool
1 x paper back made from two 120 trimmed backs stuck together
100cm (approx) expired Fujichrome Duplicating CR-56/E6 film
1 x large developing tank
1.5 developing reels
1l C-41 developer
1l C-41 bleach fix
1l C-41 stabiliser

Cut the film from the 100ft roll in total dark, then stick carefully to the paper back and roll into the 616 roll. In low light, load the camera, making sure the winding arm has correctly engaged. Take photos. Be sure to check which setting does long exposures before beginning.

Heat the C-41 chemicals by immersing in the sink. Insert the smaller diameter axel half of one developing reel into the wrong end of the other half. Tape a matching smaller diameter half from a second reel to the large diameter half. In total darkness, spool the film carefully onto the reel. Develop in the sink, maintaining 100ºF temperature. Hang up to dry and build an appropriate card mask for camera-scanning.