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majorrailsub with grid

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This map is different from the other in the way it shows the networks. Like many maps, it favors one network over the others -- here JR-RAIL. Most maps lack any index to locate a station. One map I posted, has an index -- but that point to TOURIST S…

Tokyo : Rail Route Map -- combined map (english)

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The (complete ??) map of all rail systems accepting SUICA / PASMO cards. This is RAIL -- there are additional networks & busses Here you find (all) rail networks combined into one map with ENGLISH labels. While a possibly COMPLETE map, this map has…


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Instructions on how to signup & use FREE WIFI in Tokyo provided by JR-RAIL The WIFI is not system wide and instruction tell users that "Service is available in areas near the [FREE WIFI] mark". I have not used this services as I chose to buy a pre-p…

Tokyo : How to Get to Sightseeing Spots

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Map favors JR-RAIL over the METRO SUBWAY -- but it does include it. It also includes the station numbers (JR & METRO) plus a index & grid of the popular (tourist) sights plus a transportation map. . x

JR-RAIL with numbering and METRO lines

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Subway map with VERY USEFUL NUMBERING INFO -- not all maps have that It is quite recent (2018) but still lacks a few new stations and line extensions -- many other maps & images are much older. It covers JR-RAIL including more outlying stations (e.g…