• go, went, gone

    Off he walks, minding his feet. It is Sunday, getting quieter still.

  • First snow one year

  • Cemeterian

  • -30° Celsius in Arabia

    Frosty morning view from the rear window of Univ. of Art and Design, Helsinki, ca. 1990. Arabianranta, a whole new neighborhood has been built behind the UIAH/Arabia building since then, blocking most of this industrial view.The tallest smokestack belongs…

  • Winter is coming

    Temperature is dropping fast and moist air from the sea is grinding to a halt, you can almost see it freezing midflight, desperately trying to cling on trees and everywhere. It is a dead-still afternoon, the one just before the winter.

  • First snow

    Taken four years before the next picture in the photostream.

  • Statue of Liberty, Finnish style

    Note that while she has no torch, she has raised her both arms to compensate. Also, her furry head-piece is a lot more appropriate for these latitudes than the original spiky one.

  • Fog fun

  • First snow in Marjaniemi

  • Against the wind

    First snow was late, but when it finally came, it came with a vengeance.

  • Marjaniemi

    Year is 2001, but it does not look like space odyssey, does it?

  • The very first snow

  • Killingholma, Mon Amour!

    Island of Killingholma seen from the opposite shore Herttoniemenranta, on a misty late autumn afternoon. The sea is already starting to freeze.

  • Snow storm

    Behind, Killingholma.

  • Autumn river


  • Oh gosh, a goshawk!

    I was walking on a pathway at the waterfront on a frosty morning, studying reason and rime (on the frozen horsetail) when something up above caught my eye. I glanced up and saw this fella sitting in front and above me about twenty meters away. I turned my…

  • Frosted

    Blue hour, street lamps just switched on.

  • Night walk

    Hand held, ISO 3200.

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