Winter is coming

Landscape album with a surprisingly long name that is able to wrap nicely

Among Spotomy's albums

  • First snow in Marjaniemi

  • Marjaniemi

    Year is 2001, but it does not look like space odyssey, does it?

  • The very first snow

  • Fog rising

    Fog rises fast from the sea in Herttoniemenranta, Helsinki.

  • Early one morning

    Barnacle geese starting their day on the quiet beach.

  • Against the wind

    First snow was late, but when it finally came, it came with a vengeance.

  • Fifty Cities

    Public art by Nikki Bell & Ben Langlands, 1999.

  • Particle dance

    Mosquitos gather for a dance on the last rays of the day. Their up and down movement looks like fun, but I doubt they do it for that.

  • Midsummer dream

  • Killingholma, Mon Amour!

    Island of Killingholma seen from the opposite shore Herttoniemenranta, on a misty late autumn afternoon. The sea is already starting to freeze.

  • Twilight mist

    Water-jets gone home. F1.2 lets you do it freehand in haze, but you need double exposure to get focal depth.

  • Snow storm

    Behind, Killingholma.

  • Storm came down fast

    Herttoniemi 8.8.2010 at 21:16. Yes, these are clouds, not smoke. It came straight down boiling and billowing like some Trumbull movie FX. Remnants of the "day" can still be seen in the horizon behind the house. Pretty scary stuff.

  • Autumn river


  • Days, swift as arrows

    As much as I've always enjoyed calendar autumns - the disappearing of excessive light and the dissipation of the numbing heat, the amazement of wearing clothes again - just as much I have always hated the mental autumn, the idea that slowly but inevitably…

  • Utsjoki 8:15 am

    Morning mist down the river Utsjoki behind and below hotel Luossajohka in the village of Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland.

  • Sveaborg

  • Winter is coming

    Temperature is dropping fast and moist air from the sea is grinding to a halt, you can almost see it freezing midflight, desperately trying to cling on trees and everywhere. It is a dead-still afternoon, the one just before the winter.

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