Michael Hummel's photos

  • Weinviertel

    Marterln und Pump'n Lith onto Kodak Ektalure (Y?)

  • November Stroll

    Pinhole (10secs), lith onto Leonar Leigrano 139

  • Side Glance

    Delta 400 in SLD RRS118 in Catechol/Se1 + bleach/thiourea/ironblue+adip in copper

  • Bieszczady

    Lith onto Kodak Veribrom

  • Lärchen

  • Estar de vuelta

  • Dnister bei Kamienets

  • Chotyn (+ наш Дністер)

  • Kleopatra im Kiev auf Kodagraph

    Lith print onto Kodagraph Transtar

  • Public Transport

    Actually I prefer the boat to the subway ... Trix in SLD (N-1) Oriental New Seagull Warmtone in lith two tray + polysulphid-selenium / gold

  • Waldauge mit Flucht

    Trix in sld Lith onto Kodak Ektalure Y (30:30:1000:0:0:5 / B:G)

  • One Spot / Gut Licht!

    Happy feasts and "Gut Licht" for 2016! Coming back to some places I've been visiting since 1989. That's Slovansky Ostrov in Prague and the killer gear was an Agfa Isola with some care cosmetics accident, guessing exposure and no tripod of course.

  • Nebelpolyp

  • Mistelmeer

    Lith onto Oriental New Seagull G1 (nearly dead "e" brew - oriental is the most stable paper for those brews)

  • Holzweg mit strahlenden Perspektiven

    Trix in sld Lith onto Leonar Umbrano (35:32:1000:0:0:5 / "B"+NH4Cl)

  • feuerfoehre

    Afternoon in the Botanical Garden

  • Feeling the Sequoia

    Trix in SLD Lith onto Leonar Leigrano 139 (30:30:1000:0:0 / "B") + polysulphide-selenium (thin and short)

  • Thinking about Marx (St. Marx)

    TriX in SLD 2 tray lith print onto Leonar Umbrano (30:30:1000:0:0 / B) + polysulphid/selenium toning (carbon)

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