Leanne Robson's photos

  • Day 179 June 28

    Nothing more satisfying than picking and eating your own veggies from the garden

  • Day 178 June 27

    i am in the shop on Fridays and some days need to change the stock around. Hematite

  • Day 177 June 26

    Looking up my backyard from ground level

  • Day 176 June 25

    Visited a relative and this is the view from her place. Four photos stitched together on PT Gui and processed in Photomatix

  • Day 175 June 24

    My beautiful nephew came down and stayed with me for a few days and so did my parents. Don't get to see them too often as they are a state away

  • Day 174 June 23

    Winter seems to bring some beautiful sunsets. From my backyard

  • Day 173 June 22

    We are not too far from the airport -20 min on a good day- and seem to be in the flight path

  • Day 172 June 21

    Washing drying on the cloths line on a very windy day.

  • Day 171 June 20

    My beautiful dog Maggie sitting on the back steps waiting for her tea. Processed in Topaz Simplify. This is an oil painting preset.

  • Day 170 June 19

    River small rapids. I forgot my tripod so had to balance the camera on a rock

  • Day 169 June 18

    Sunset at my friends place. The sad thing is logging is being done in the mountains and you can see the result by the gap in the background. If they get their way the whole mountain face will be logged.

  • Day 168 June 17

    A section of a mural on the public toilet wall opposite my shop. Much nicer than looking at a blank, grey wall

  • Day 167 June 16

    A strand of pearls with a silver bead as a clasp I have just made for a customer.

  • Day 162 June 11

    My girls and rooster..

  • Day 166 June 15

    Macro of liken on my apricot tree.

  • Day 165 June 14

    Don't remember the name of this flower but it is adding some colour to the winter garden

  • Day 164 June 13

    Waiting for the traffic to pass

  • Day 163 June 12

    Some new stock in my for my shop….

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