Devorgilla Bridge

Dumfries and Galloway

Devorgilla Bridge

The first bridge was built around 1270 by the Lady Devorgilla of Galloway, a deeply religious and very influential noblewoman who was the great niece of William the Lion and of Malcolm IV. Her son, John Balliol, became King of Scotland in 1292. She is best known for the foundation of Balliol College, Oxford, but in addition she built the Cistercian Sweetheart Abbey, near Dumfries, where in due course she was buried. She also built the convent of Greyfriars in Dumfries, the site of the confrontation between the Red Comyn and Robert the Bruce. Quoted from the Scotland's Oldest Bridges website

The Olde Friars Vault

""Ye Olde" Is Fake Old English..." Quoted from an article by Lauren Davis


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Burns' Mausoleum, Dumfries

Robert Burns Mausoleum stands at the eastern end of the churchyard of St Michael's Church, whose red spire dominates the south east side of Dumfries and makes finding the mausoleum relatively easy if you know what to look out for. Having found the churchyard you pass by the south side of the church and soon come into sight of the mausoleum. There is no mistaking it: in a churchyard populated almost entirely with large monuments made of red stone, its white structure and dome stands out strikingly. Quoted from Undiscovered Scotland

Footbridge over River Nith

Dumfries Suspension Bridge on Wikimedia

One Year Ago Today

Dumfries... is a market town and former royal burgh within the Dumfries and Galloway council area of Scotland. It is located near the mouth of the River Nith into the Solway Firth. Dumfries is the traditional county town of the historic county of Dumfriesshire. Dumfries is nicknamed Queen of the South . The nickname has also given name to the town's professional football club. People from Dumfries are known colloquially in Scots language as Doonhamers . Quoted from Wikipedia Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8

River Nith

The River Nith is a river in south-west Scotland. The Nith rises in the Carsphairn hills of East Ayrshire, more precisely between Prickeny Hill and Enoch Hill, 4.4 miles (7.1 km) east of Dalmellington. For the majority of its course it flows in a southerly direction through Dumfries and Galloway and then into the Solway Firth at Airds point. Quoted from Wikipedia

Corner of High Street and Well Street Moffat

Moffat... is a former burgh and parish in Dumfriesshire, which is now part of the Dumfries and Galloway local authority area in Scotland, lying on the River Annan, with a population of around 2,500. It was a centre of the wool trade and a spa town. Quoted from Wikipedia

St Andrew's Parish Church, Moffat

The Church was built in the early English Gothic style of red sandstone from the Corncockle quarry. The architect was Mr. John Starforth, Edinburgh. Quoted from the St Andrew's Parish Church website
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