Sol Lang

Sol Lang

Posted on 08/05/2007

Photo taken on February 16, 2006

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For Love of Books 1

For Love of Books 1
Where is this great love of books coming from? God knows I was never much of a reader. I could never get through a novel. I have started many, but have completed few. The reward at the end would never be sufficient to make me give up so many other things I would rather do with my time. In fact I prefer to read so many other things other than novels. So where is this love for books coming from? Perhaps it is an appreciation for the design of the books. The ability for words to combine with images completing a concept or an idea. For words to convey so much in poetry, philosophy, commentary, discourse, and of course art. I have also learned to appreciate the design and structure of books. I have always had great respect for books and the words in them. Wisdom imparted by men and women far wiser than me. Books that define art, music, religion. It doesn’t matter to me what the books are about, just that they are books and therefore are sacred.

In this series of photographs, I have found a selection of vintage books some dating back to the late eighteen hundreds, making them, actually from two centuries ago. Intrigued by the inherent physical structure of these books and the way they convey the by gone eras from which they belong, strictly due to their construction and design.

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Zek Charles Ramgian
Zek Charles Ramgian
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