Sol Lang

Sol Lang

Posted on 06/20/2007

Photo taken on June 11, 2007

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Isabella — Striking a pose 2

Isabella — Striking a pose 2
Allot has been going on with Flickr censorship these days. Our friends in Germany are showing us up, by example, how disgruntled they are with their own censorship laws and the Flickr response to it. I am talking off the cuff with little fact or understanding what the problem may be, but my observations of the German Flickr population response is reminiscent to the kinds of protests we, North Americans (who are old enough) used to se and be involved in during the cultural revolution of the sixties and seventies. Anti Vietnam war demonstrations and, even back then, demonstrations against nuclear weapons (hmmm what have we learned?).

I applaud you for taking such an active initiative on Flickr, having been, myself, a victim of Flickr unfair censorship treatment in the past. I support freedom of expression anywhere, anytime. I don't believe that nudity of any kind can taint young minds. I think the concept of bowing down to ancient archaic laws that do not take into consideration the modernity of cultural psychology and technology is standing in the way of progress and in fact, ultimately preventing achievement of world peace.

We love our Flickr and therefore want to improve it so it will function as a fair and properly run community.

About this image of Isabella. I feel that besides her consummate professionalism in modelling, she projects a feeling of intensity. One would have to look into her face to try to understand what it is. Can it be sadness, concern, love. The viewer must project and complete the message. Respond to the image in its entirety taking the subject into consideration.

See a short video of a shooting session with Isabella. There are some of my other shooting sessions

If you are a collector, you can own an original giclée of Isabella and others, by going to my profile page and linking to Imagekind.

Thank you for reading and viewing my art.

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Sol Lang
Sol Lang
Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I do not adhere to the concept of Adam and Eve. And to be perfectly honest I would respect what you have to say more if you were to preface it with "I believe that nudity has nothing to do with world peace... etc." Then I could answer that "you don't see the connection, but I do." and then elaborate on it.

Thank you for allowing me to delete your message, but if I did that, would I not be just as guilty to censor you as I am accusing Flickr of? On the contrary. I believe that you have every right to express your opinion in open forum and the general public would either agree or not.

Lastly, I thank you for liking the image and for applauding my support against injustice anywhere.
11 years ago.
Knut Photos
Knut Photos
Very good !
9 years ago.