Richard's photos

  • rural postbox

  • canal drain

    Todmorden, Yorkshire

  • peppers

  • "lying tory scum"

    Deep-felt political views. Todmorden, Yorkshire, 2013.

  • logs

    Lyme Park

  • Reservoir

    Bollinhurst Reservoir; Lyme Park Cage is just out of shot to the right. There were a lot of deer about on this day, the stags were making a lot of noise bellowing! You can see cormorants on the control tower roof.

  • Bollinhurst Reservoir

    in some rare sunshine.

  • ridge

    Black Hilll, near Lyme Park

  • farm


  • beach restaurant, near Karavados.

    beach restaurant, near Karavados.

  • by Avithos Beach, Karavados

    by Avithos Beach, Karavados

  • St. Gerasimos (interior)

    taken shortly before we were locked in - see other pic for story!

  • St. Gerasimos christening

  • St. Gerasimos (interior)

  • St. Gerasimos, christening

    Whilst we were there a christening was taking place. We were concerned not to get in the way of what was a family occasion but the family were very welcoming and really made us feel part of the event, giving us a little christening present and sharing th…

  • St. Gerasimos (interior)

    At the rear of the church is a staircase leading to the large upper section you can see in the right of this photo. We went up there to get some photos from the balcony but the nuns chose this time to lock the place up! On realising what was happening w…

  • St. Gerasimos (detail)

    The new monastery. Also worth a visit is the tiny church near Lassi where Gerasimos originally lived. It is built into the hillside and to the back of the church there is a hollowed out cave containing relics. It's close to a busy resort but few peop…

  • St Gerasimos

    The monastry of St. Gerasimos, nestling in the Omala Valley in the hills of Kefalonia. This is the new monastery. St Gerasimos’s mummified body is kept in a silver casket at the old church, a few yards away, which is less ornate but has a great sense of…

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