• Little Nemo's Adventures in Slumberland - February 1909

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  • Trini Lopez

    From 1963.

  • Harmonicats

    In person, the color on this album cover is so brilliant, you'd think the heavy plastic lamination had a UV blocker in it. From 1959.

  • The Great Movie Thrillers

    London label, 1969. These sessions, conducted by the master himself, were recorded at Decca studio No. 3, West Hampstead, London during December, 1968.

  • About Phase 4 Stereo

    That's right. You're going to have to buy all new equipment in order to take full advantage of Phase 4 recordings. See your dealer today! This is the gatefold to The Great Movie Thrillers album cover. From 1969.

  • Tastee-freez LIFE April 2, 1956

  • Old Hickory LIFE April 2, 1956

    Illustration by Bob Peak

  • Kellogg's LIFE April 2, 1956

  • John Hancock LIFE April 2, 1956

  • 2010 0103AQ

    One from the archive

  • I Can Hear It Now Volume 3

    From 1950. Design by Alex Steinweiss

  • Carmen

    A booklet that came with the RCA Red Label multi-disk set of Bizet's Carmen, RCA Victor LM-6070. The cover of the box the set came in is rather ordinary, prompting me to wonder if this might have been considered for the cover at one time. From 1959. The…

  • Who Blew That Whistle?

    A set of kids records discovered at a flea market several years ago. Some of the backs are interesting enough to include here. The art on all is by AJAY.

  • Who Blew That Whistle? - back

  • Whoa! Little Horses Lie Down

  • Winter Fun

  • Winter Fun - back

  • The Runaway Sheep

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