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Will's Theme

Yesterday, was finally motivated to dig this bit of recurrent character music out of my favorite episode of Lost In Space, the Season One heart-tugger, Return From Outer Space. That's the show, you may recall, where Will enters a derelict matter transport machine and is sent to earth. He actually made it back there! Will's ensuing struggle with the episode's skeptical adults and other kids is as frustrating as it is moving. This was LiS's Christmas 1965 episode (first broadcast December 29, 1965).

Two interesting bits from the Irwin Allen wiki:

The date of Will's trip to Earth seems to be in contention. The Jupiter 2 lifted off from Earth on October 16, 1997. Aunt Clara says they all remember the Robinsons and that it was last year when the launched from Earth. There is a Christmas tree visible in Aunt Clara's home and Davey wishes Will a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. This would seem to indicate that the month is December and the year was 1998. Yet, when the Jupiter 2 passes near Earth months after Will's trip to Earth in The Ghost Planet, the controller says the Jupiter 2 was lost a year ago, setting back earlier than Christmas 1998.

The only solid evidence of Will Robinson's presence, other than a press photograph, was a hand-held communication device which was non-functional, but was quickly repaired by Alpha Control technicians and confirmed by manufacturing details and serial number as one of those with which the Jupiter 2 was equipped prior to launch.

Digging this up, I hoped to know for certain who composed Will's theme. No soap. I am going to guess it was John Williams. But the Allen wiki mentions that a part of Cyril Mockridge's music for Miracle on 34th Street was used in this episode. Anyone know whether the Will theme may have been filched from that film (and the 20th Century Fox film music library)?