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  • The Annual Red Maple Leaf Debut

    Red maple trees show their "fall" red at birth in sprig time, rather than fall. Light Box.

  • Bébé phoque Sam Sam, Milou,Thibault le chiot et Gaston

  • Chuuuut... je dors ! (VOIR NOTE) [ON EXPLORE]

  • Yellow Elegance

    Another tulip from the display gardens of the Washington Bulb Growers in the Skagit Valley. Love the clean lines and clear color of these yellow tulips.

  • Un rêve partagé

  • Yokohama Orange

    Thanks for your visit and comments, I appreciate that very much! Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © all rights reserved. Regards, Bram (BraCom) My Homepage | Facebook

  • Pour un beau mardi...

    Merci pour vos visites et vos commentaires♫

  • Lightness of being.

    Wish you a beautiful serene week ahead.

  • Nederland - Heiloo, Witte Kerk

    Heiloo – originally named ‘Heilegelo’ (= ‘holy woods’) - dates back to the early 8th century and grew around a church which most probably was founded by missionary St. Willibrord around 700. A well next to the church still bears the name of Willibrord.…

  • Miracles

    By Eefje

  • DANA et KOUËT vous souhaitent une belle semaine

  • The Frown

    Mamaroneck, NY

  • Daffodils

    When I visited Roozengarde's the tulips were nearing the end of their bloom season and there were very few daffodils left. These were among the very few I photographed. We had such an early spring that nearly missed the tulips - would have missed them e…

  • Wiese mit gelben Butterblumen durchsetzt (Hahnenfuß)

  • 20090516 9999 102c

    Season of flowers is coming

  • 20141225 6625c

    Nice little walk outdoors at -10c

  • Curiosité

    Bon dimanche ! Merci pour vos visites et vos commentaires♫ Modèle de la danseuse pris sur Faestock. Deviantart et que j'ai détouré. Merci Jessica...


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