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  • Libertà...sul fuoco ed acqua

  • Bergwiese

  • Les pois à crapauds

    Au Québec, on l'appelle la vesce jargeau
    By Ferlen

  • African Heritage

    Bronx, NY

  • The Next Generation...

    Developing seed pods of a peony after bloom. Thank you so much, dear friends, for your kind words and faves; I deeply appreciate it! Have a great week, all! :-))

  • Je n'attendais que vous.

    By vero

  • Bleu ... d'Espagne

    et ... ici ... et là ...

  • me and my gal . . .

    * I croak with delight when I see my gal together we croak and she is such a pal she is smaller than me but that is ok . . . we jump about and croak and play the visitors come and smile and say . . . how many are there here today ? some are hiding und…

  • Miss Iris

    By Eefje

  • Table for two.

    Wish you all a most serene relaxing weekend. Back in some days:) hugs

  • Quiétude du matin!

    Lac Mud Ottawa ON
    By Ferlen

  • Remember those summerdays

    By Eefje

  • Encounters

    By Eefje

  • Bavarian S 3/6

    18 478 History: Number 18 478, stabled in Ulm was the last S 3/6 to be built in the state railway era (1918) and thus the last one also with a streamlined driver's cab aka Windschneidenführerhaus. Today this engine is in the ownership of the Bavarian Rail…

  • Lily of the valley


  • Summoning The Blackbirds...Reading The Omens


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