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  • Herbes folles

    Herbes folles sur le marécage
    By Nadine

  • LE Havre - vue panoramique carte 1912

  • Callejera

    Palacio de Justicia de Andalucía. Granada. Ver también NOTAS

  • Πυθία - Pythia

    Πυθία ονομαζόταν η εκάστοτε Πρωθιέρεια του Θεού Απόλλωνα στο Μαντείο των Δελφών η οποία, ευρισκόμενη σε έκσταση, μετέφερε τη χρησμοδότηση του Θεού προς τον ενδιαφερόμενο με τρόπο συνήθως λακωνικό, δυσνόητο και αινιγματικό.Πριν από κάθε χρησμοδότηση η Πυθί…

  • Orchidee

  • Garden's Fence

    HFF-Friday-Group, 27.02.2015

  • Winter Morning

    Early morning sunlight illuminates a gazebo and the frozen Long Island Sound (Larchmont, New York)—February 21, 2015

  • Winter Ade - mit einem Funkenfeuer

    best on black - fond noir svp

  • Le parfum..................

    Quelques gouttes Mesdames ?................................. (abstract) -

  • BRUANT JAUNE...Cliquez sur les notes....

    Zoom dans la nature...jolie surprise pour moi... Viviers du Lac.... SAVOIE...
    By DANY

  • Rainbow lorikeet

    Thanks for your visit and comments, I appreciate that very much! Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © all rights reserved. Regards, Bram (BraCom) My Homepage | Flickr | 500px | Facebook

  • Les chefs d'oeuvre de la nature ... - The masterpieces of nature ...

    Sur le vélux le 22 Février 2015 On the roof window February 22nd 2015 ""

  • Pacific Madrone

    This is a photo of the actual trees whose wood and bark I posted a few days ago. Taken in Sharpe Park on Fidalgo Island, these are not by any means the largest Madrones I've seen but are one of the nicest and in one of the nicest settings. The Pacific M…

  • Le premier "vieux port" de Marseille

  • Winter Bouquet.

    Wish you a marvellous sunny weekend:) LoVe.

  • as time goes by . . .

    * as time goes by we stop for a while think of the good times and sigh and smile then it is time to stop and think . . . perhaps its time to move on and cut links it's sad when it happens, it's life frequently . . . life deals you lemons . . . move on it…

  • Argentina - El Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier

    The Perito Moreno Glacier - named after explorer Francisco Moreno - is located in Los Glaciares National Park, about 80 km’s from El Calafate. The glacier is part of the so called Southern Patagonian Ice Field. This ice field is one of the largest reserv…

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