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  • Lightening Strikes the Dance Floor

    A wonderful night of Salsa performances.... :-) Simon

  • November 2015

    Digital, text-art reflecting on events, both personal and global, during November. I'm also reflecting on the Postmodern idea of displacement, once again on both a personal and global level. "Ici, La'" translates from the French as "Here, There". Apolog…

  • la reconnaissance et l'aspiration

    Here Jamari appears like a quixotic apparition; a feminine ideal or oracle, perhaps? Her balletic pose is probably born of "suffrage" more than graceful delicacy, but that is the nature of dance! I liked the presence of a costume designer in the photo,…

  • The Pulse of Things (a Dance Poem)

    Text Art/Visual Poetry. :-) Simon

  • Untitled

    Thank you to Joslyn (Twilitesmuse) for letting me use her fantastic photo in this image! :-) Simon

  • Firebird/Metamorphosis

    Thank you to Jlior for her photo which includes a wonderful, balletic pose. The flame-like effects and other editing really was a labour of love! Netherless much fun was had in producing this (I hope) dynamic image. "Firebird" pays homage to the great…


    Text art/Visual poetry. Simon

  • La Necessite de la Danse

    An exquisite pose by "Jlior", I'm grateful that she let me use her photo in this image. I used HDR processing and added lighting and 3D effects in Photoplus. So, Ipernity has changed its design, fundamentally! What do you think…

  • Cork City - Impressions

    Even in dull and freezing weather Ireland never ceases to fascinate the artisitic with its drama and beauty. The sky was amazing when I took this photo, so it inspired me to keep editing and then edit some more! ;-) Simon

  • Thanx again to Julie :-) Simon


    :-) Simon

  • Simulacra Self

    Thank you to XstockX (Julie) for letting me use her photo in this picture. :-) Simon

  • Shifting Meanings

    More in this series to come.... :-) Thank you to Julie Brocklehurst (XstockX) for allowing me to use her photo in this picture :-) Simon

  • I Am the World

    Apercu nella entre rotate stimmung Apercu canto nella betwixt stimmung ruse murmur tacit consaperolezza circulate falcon soar Apercu song ruse proposition nella circ volver act shun pastiche epidermis conquistador pour la distance * Thank you to t…

  • March to June

    :-) Simon

  • September

    Thank you to Johanna for allowing me to use her beautiful stock photo in this image :-) Simon

  • Pour Horus

    Thank you to Johanna Chambers for allowing me to use her beautiful photo in this picture :-) Simon

  • Helios 5 ( Betelgeuse)


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