Marie's photos

  • Me at 10 years old

  • Me at 69 years old! LOL!

  • My little Werewolf!

    Well not too little but scary to my dog!

  • Jeff and Me! (1)

  • First one I made

    Covered with chocolate instead of Butter-Icing.

  • 3 Choc logs!

  • Carol Concert singing

    They sung their hearts out! Bailey on the end of front row (right hand) He had to get changed straight after this for playing in the band! A great night we all enjoyed!

  • Childrens Band

    My Grandson is second from end with white shirt! Couldn't believe how good they sounded after a few weeks!

  • My Christmas cake

    First attempt at the decorating, for my next trick I'll be attempting a chocolate-Log! ...

  • Does my butt look big in this?

    Freddie in her new coat! As you can see she's not impressed!

  • Scruff

    We lost this lovely dog on Monday this week when it was found by X-ray and Scan he had a Massive Tumour behind his Spleen, We were advised to let him go. The hardest decision we ever had to make. He was the sweetest dog and so gentle with Freddie, he let…

  • Freddie and Friend

    Frieddie is having some comfort from this doggie pillow we got her. she misses Scruff and is a little scaredy-pants without him. Trouble is this little friend can't go out in the Dark with her for her last Pee-Pee of the night. We all wish Scruff was stil…

  • kitty returns

    Last Friday my Daughter moved house, her little cat (Maggie) has been kept in all the week, but today the plasterer opened the back door and Maggie escaped, he scared her evening more by running after her! LOL! Anyway luckily she was back by the time my D…

  • For Mickey

    Just to put the record straight I have a bird feeder the same colour and almost the same style as Mickey, I also have pictures of mine own with birds on it. Anyway, in my excitement of getting on this blogging site and having some time to spare I mistak…

  • background2

  • Christmas-1975

    Me and my 2 girls Christmas day, it only seems like yesterday!