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  • the_beach

    a very lonely - we were the only - beach near Baracoa.........
    By Berny

  • j'avance...

  • Gardane, Centrale thermique

    Avoir sur font noir

  • My roof is your roof

  • Göttinnendämmerung....

    on black....

  • Formes i ombres,4

    Bessa R3a,+Heliar 15mm/f 4,5, Kodak Ektar 100
    By robs

  • Silent night

  • A l'ombre d'un contre jour...

  • These days are coming again...

    That is, winter days with snow and aurora lights.... Actually can´t wait... Nothing as refreshing as going out on a night like this was - breathing, enjoying life and taking pictures....!!!

  • railway station

    By Berny

  • Sheer beauty

  • Hraundrangar

    The hard thing when you visit beautiful places - is to choose which pictures to work on. From our recent trip - I think we all filled 2-3 large cards (probably more then 300 pics each) - and all those great places we visited made a bunch of interesting p…

  • Huge ice-cubes :o)

    The one on the left was "taller" than me - these "ice-cubes" are breaking from the glacier, melting and drifting to the sea where they dissolve in the big blue.

  • portable landscape.......

    Peter Weibel, Der Globus als Koffer, 2006, I especially like the cloud, which is "reflecting" the grip in the sky...........
    By Berny

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