Posted on 06/25/2007

Photo taken on August 15, 2000


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How Jason Suddenly Disappeared

How Jason Suddenly Disappeared
I was just looking through my hard drive and I found this photo taken way back in 2000 when I first got my hands on a digital camera, probably a Canon Powershot of some sort.

Anyway Jason and I used to hang out together with a couple of other guys during our poly days. We were friends until recently, when somehow our friendship came undone, which is a funny story.

Jason never had much luck with girls. Those he went after were usually attached or uninterested. His lucklessness (if there is such a word) along with his work in a gay bar led us to constantly harangue him about his sexuality (not that there's anything wrong with being gay). This went on for years until he went to uni.

This was a difficult time for him because once again his attempts to advance on a girl were foiled, and by a friend no less. During this difficult time, he turned to friends for support and he distracted himself with all sorts of things. He met a girl in uni who was finally interested in him, but being Jason he did not know it at the time.

This girl was often the subject of our conversations on MSN because the first time we heard about her, long before she was interested in him, Jason gave her a code name, as we often give people. This code name was to be our undoing.

Last year I was in the midst of doing some research, and I was looking for a family to help with some testing that I was conducting, so I decided to ask Jason for help. By this time, Jason was already in a relationship with this girl, so I sent him an SMS asking if MOT (this was her code name) would be available for user testing, and it seems she checked his mobile phone and found the code.

Now, you must be wondering what the big deal is and so I must explain. MOT is the abbreviation for Mother Of Two, which is basically what she is. A mother of two boys. How she came to be the MOT is a long story, so I won't describe it in any detail because I have only heard stories from Jason, but she got divorced sometime back.

So when she found a message from Jason from me asking for MOT to be present, she naturally questioned him, and Jason being a man who cannot lie (most of the time) told her what it stood for. Oddly enough she felt offended that anyone would refer to her as a mother of two, despite being one. I for one thought she knew all along.

At this point in time, Jason who usually cannot lie was suddenly moved by forces previously unknown to him to let out a little fib. Suddenly I was the one who gave her the offensive code name. This angered her to no end, and the result (according to sources) is that I am persona non grata.

After the code name fiasco, Jason started to come online far less often, because that was our primary means of contact. I of course was blissfully unaware of this situation until Jason confessed his misdeed to me on MSN, asking me to accept that she was non too pleased with me. As a friend, I could only agree to bear the mantle of "evil code name giver" on his part.

Even during my recent visits to Singapore, so she wouldn't let him out to meet me, or any of our merry band, for fear that he would be further tarnished by our unsavory presence. It's strange how you can try to save someone and still lose the person.

On the upside, a funny by product of this unfortunate series of events is that my friends keep saying I have been cursed, and blame anything bad that happens to me (such as my graphics cards getting lost in the mail) on MOT's misdirected curse. This has been going on for so long now that sometimes even I think it's true.