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  • sequins :-)

    Angela posing for me :-)

  • 3 VW's

    Jill, me and Holly btw Holly is the sole survivor of the Railroad Killer. (a serial killer) she is an inspiration for all of us!

  • Smiles and Laughter

    Kristen and me in the dressing room :-)

  • HUG

    and again Kristen and me :-D

  • Some of the AMAZING Vagina Warriors

  • Again Some of the AMAZING Vagina Warriors

  • Gina

  • Makeup

  • picquoteaday, day#111

    hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister...

  • picquoteaday, day#110

    abra abracadabra I'm gonna reach out and grab ya Steve Miller

  • picquoteaday, day#109

    Jolly old St. Nicholas, lean your ear this way...don't you tell a single soul what I'm going to say...

  • picquoteaday, day #108

    if you want to be happy in a million ways for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home... Home for the holidays

  • picquoteaday, day #107

    "I make these from the pine needles found here at Ft. Jackson..." (ornament artist @ Ft. Jackson, SC)

  • picquoteaday, day #106

    have yourself a merry little Christmas... (same)

  • picquoteaday, day #105

    and may all your Christmas' be white... White Christmas

  • picquoteaday, day#104

    nothing up my sleeve Bullwinkle

  • picquoteaday, day #103

    we three kings...

  • picquoteaday, day #102

    oh my little soldier boy The Shirelles

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