Steve Anderson's photos

  • Sparky

    Handsome devil. Taken with my phone in HDR mode with the exposure ramped up so that the flash wasn't needed - and amazingly he kept still and I didn't wobble!

  • Still overpriced

  • Epic lift controls

    This is inside one of the lifts at work, the one we share with other companies. One of the other companies is responsible for the lifts installed in the building (Otis) which leaves me wondering - why did they put a 1970s control panel in? (I don't really…

  • Nerd for life

    Tweeting from a Wyse 120 dumb terminal hooked up to a Raspberry Pi. FOR SCIENCE!

  • Should I Stay Or Should I Go

    With thanks to my colleague for naming this photo!

  • St Catherine's Church, Pontypridd

    The view from the carpark today

  • Shed and Shed Jr


  • shed egg