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D-Con 2015 - Pug Life

D-Con 2015 - Gocodo

SOLD OUT! Very happy they did!

D-Con 2015 - Punk Drunkers

SOLD OUT! On everything!

D-Con 2015 - RealxHead

If I had more money I would have copped this. ::SIGH::

D-Con 2015 - RealxHead

This was big!

D-Con 2015 - Onell

D-Con 2015 - Yuna Doll

D-Con 2015 - Yuna Doll

This doll is currently at Kickstarter. It's an awesome doll and deserves backing. Dream Big Friends 10-inch Articulated Yuna Doll & Kitty I like that's it's a positive image doll.

D-Con 2015 - Angry Woebots

His style has evolved over the years.
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