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GID Drunk Seijin with Hollis Body

I think this was before he had his own body.

Unpainted MInt Drunk Seijin

Part of a set for autographing. I recall these dropped at SDCC but I am not sure which year.

Clockwork Wool (Light Gray)

Clockwork Wool (Light Gray)

Clockwork Wool (Light Gray)

This was part of the GrassHut show along with the Topiary Wool.

D-Con 2016 Pin Haul: Sour Lemon

The Sour Lemon pin! The only pin I wore throughout the convention.

D-Con 2016 Pin Haul: Nodame

Nodame gingerly looking over our loot bag.

D-Con 2016 Pin Haul: Rambo Gold Knife

A freebie from YesterdaysCo.

D-Con 2016 Pin Haul: Chemical X

Nate picked this one out. He said it refers to Power Puff Girls.
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