First world problems: Public holidays

Year of the Wood Horse

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  • First world problems: Public holidays

    Shops closed on public holidays, and more food than usually needs to be hoarded.

  • First world problems: Connectivity

    I spent somewhat hours to solve an internet connection problem yesterday. Wi-Fi was running slow, or not at all. The solution (hopefully) was to change the "channel" used by Wi-Fi modem. Service provider advised me to use an Android app to scan what chan…

  • -19°C

  • Mighty math

    "Somewhere among these minimalist zeros and ones you can here layer upon layer-process upon process-deliberately letting you hear the sounds the machines make, and somehow, because you can hear the very digital fabric this music is woven from, it adds to…

  • Fortune-telling

    During New Year's Eve peeps may spend time "playing fortune telling games". The idea is of course not to take it seriously but just have some fun and keep traditions alive. One of these games is called as "predicting the future from small items hidden und…

  • Patience & coincidence

  • Remembering

    This year people had visited the local cemetery exceptionally actively based on the number of candles lit for those who were buried somewhere else. I think there were almost a thousand candles there.

  • Tele vision Christmas

    I noticed this cool reflection on black television screen B-)

  • Nuspirit Helsinki

    I discovered this interesting band, I've been listening via SomaFM for years, is from FInland: kQtzZjma6H6P5jK9zK2_ =D Picture taken in Tampere, although the title suggest otherwise. Sari and I had a date with my…

  • Captain's Christmas log 20141222a

  • Mushroom house

    My wife Sari inherited two of these nice Christmas tree decorations. They are installed over the electric candle, and then they look like illuminating little mushroom houses.

  • Horseplay: Decoration

    Inspired by The Sunday Challenge "Christmas traditions, decorations etc." I went to see if there are any horses on shop windows, and found this little cute toy horse =)

  • Sohjo EDIT: And now also nice soundtrack by Tim Ingham found: EDIT: In case the link to the soundtrack above doesn't work, then here's another one found by Mick:

  • Untitled

  • Dance diagram

  • Cloud Generator

    Soundtrack by Tycho:

  • Chickenpox

    Inspired by Paul and Wendi =D

  • +1°C

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