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♫ Jazz Cafe by AKIKAT on SoundCloud to enjoy with the coffee. Then please hit the Lightbox view button on the top right corner and click play (▻) to enjoy the slide show. 1) Dibs! Topic "coffee" taken! 2) "Damn good coffee!" 3) Coffee consumption 4) One liter per day 5) Guilty pleasure 6) Something expired 7) Paper cups 8) Espresso excursion 9) Laskiaispulla 10) ƎƧAƎ⅃ꟼ ƎƎꟻꟻOϽ 11) Kalter Kaffee macht schön 12) Abstract espressoism 13) Coffee break at home office 14) Home front 15) Take away coffee! 16) Use mask! 17) Between the devil and the deep blue sea 18) Moomin mugs 19) Mr Nobody having a coffee break 20) Cafetière à piston 21) Bubbles = rich taste 22) Granny style 23) Cafes are open again! 24) Doppio =,D ... ---- ➽ Me and my 366 daily coffee project at Instagram ➽ Me and my 366 daily coffee project at Twitter ➽ Me at Facebook

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Dibs! Topic "coffee" taken! Here it comes, my next The 50 Images-Project topic for 2020! =D This is also my plan A, before I considered the plan B, which would have been " trash ". But after thinking long and hard, I decided a topic close to my heart, or more likely close to my nose is much better. What I am actually going to do is shoot 366 photos for a leap year, one photo per each day. But those daily pictures I will "dump" to Instagram (maybe also to Twitter), and publish here only 50 selected photos during the year 2020. Moreover, here I will write a photo blog (photolog, plog) articles on various topics on coffee, covering all kinds of issues like how to make it, why one should drink it, or not to drink, what it causes to individuals and to planet, and is it fair or not. I am surely not an expert on what comes to coffee, but I will write about it from my personal point of view, and how coffee has affected to my life. So, keep tuned to this project of mine, if you are interested to see and read more, and especially find out if I succeed. During this year 2020 I am also going to try marketing (advertise, promote) the ipernity web site whenever and where ever I can. As soon as I manage to get this project started, I am planning to make noise about ipernity on other social media accounts of mine (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and maybe also somewhere else). The reason for the division of daily pictures at Instagram and weekly stories here at ipernity is to prove that this can be a practical way to use social media. Instagram, Twitter (and other similar platforms) are good for "quick and dirty" mobile phone photo blogging. Whereas ipernity is better for long articles like this. So, in the long run other platforms may help me, my "followers", and hopefully even totally new contacts to find ipernity, and how wonderful it can be. Well, this is pretty ambitious goal, and very likely may flop. Mainly because I am after all Mr Nobody on the world wide web. But if we all try to do the same, we may become somebody. =D ➽ Me at Instagram ➽ Me at Twitter ➽ Me at Facebook P.S. Post processing done with Mirror Lab and Snapseed Android apps.

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" Damn good coffee! " Or at least good enough to get the day started. Around here it is popular to drink "brewed coffee" made with electric drip coffeemaker. There are then few things to consider in order to get good coffee: Use separate clean jar to fill the reservoir. Never use the coffeemaker's own carafe to fill the reservoir, unless you clean the carafe after every use. What you do not wish to have is the remains of earlier made coffee to circulate through the pipes of the coffeemaker. There is for example surprisingly lot of coffee grease stains left after each time you brew the coffee. Use fresh and cold water. Especially if you use tap water, make sure it is cool and fresh enough. Water standing long time inside the copper or plastic water pipes starts to take taste from them. If you wish to save water, then consider filling glass bottles and store them in the fridge. Use proper grind for your coffeemaker. Coffee packages are usually marked with symbols and texts to indicate how the grind is supposed to be cooked. Find out what is the best roast and brand for your taste. I used to favor light roast coffee, but I discovered it is then usually also more acid than dark roast, and therefore causes heartburn (gastroesophageal reflux). Moreover, the brand I used to favor was sometimes shoddy and bitter. Therefore I changed to less acid dark roast and more homogeneous brand. Filter paper may matter. Purists recommends to use oxygen bleached coffee filter paper. I am not a purist ;-) Brew several pots of hot water through the coffeemaker, if it has been unused for long time. If you are not using the coffeemaker on daily bases, and especially if it has been unused for over a week, it is better to clean the pipes before you make coffee with it. Clean the coffee maker regularly. Wash the funnel and carafe once a week, or at least once a month. Moreover, use cleaning agents or vinegar every now and then to clean the pipes as well. What comes to my 366 coffee project at Instagram and Twitter, it has been started well. ➽ How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar at wikiHow ➽ Me at Instagram ➽ Me at Twitter ➽ Me at Facebook UPDATE January 9, 2020: Storage your coffee in cool and dry place. I prefer to use ready ground coffee because I drink coffee on daily bases, and like to get the grinds homogeneous. If one makes coffee less often, then it is probably better to buy coffee beans and grind them at home with a coffee grinder. But then you also need to pay attention on the grinding process and keep your grinder clean. Some say it is better to keep the coffee grind package even in the fridge, to avoid the coffee oil become rancid. But when drinking coffee somewhat every day, I think ground coffee is way more easy. Although, grinding the coffee from beans of course can be a very enjoyable part of the process. ➽ Whole Beans Vs Ground Coffee: What’s the difference? at Craft Beverage Jobs

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Coffee consumption ... ... per capita is the highest in Finland! And that has been the way for decades. The nobility in Finland started to drink coffee in 18th century (1700 ->, when Finland was under Swedish rule). Lower class people started the coffee consumption in 19th century (1800 ->, under Russian rule). Finnish coffee consumption is almost ridiculous and the subject of jokes. There are many strange cultural phenomenon affiliated with coffee. Some collective labor agreements may regulate that the worker must have right for 15 minute coffee break(s) besides the normal lunch break. It means that the work places even have to offer the specific coffee rooms for that. If something can get Finns on barricades, it is the right to have coffee, coffee breaks and space for it. Coffee is also the must have beverage in somewhat all festive occasions from cradle to grave. When a child get the name, a teen get graduated, a couple get married, or when someone achieves somewhat anything remarkable like wins a medal is sports, there is then coffee served for the guests. According to some statistics the Finnish coffee consumption is even 12 kg per capita per year! But in any case it is somewhere around 10kg. Coffee can be bought almost in every corner. I recon there are even more coffee selling shops, cafes, restaurants and coffee machines than there are pubs. Especially because one can by coffee also in pubs. Personally 2-4 dl filter coffee per day is enough for me. But I must have at least one cup of it per day! I got a tonsillectomy done at rather old age, and at that time I tried to get rid of the coffee. I discovered that I am coffee addict and had terrible withdrawal symptoms for weeks! And after getting over that, I realized that my overall state of vitality was much lower than it was when I used coffee. So, after few months I again end up drinking coffee on daily bases. ➽ Finnish coffee culture is one-of-a-kind , by Jori Korhonen

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One liter per day ... ... is what one could or should drink to gain the optimal health benefits of coffee. I do not know how strong or dilute coffee Americans have used to drink, but to get one liter of decent coffee for Finnish taste, one needs to use approximately 85 grams (3 oz) of coffee beans. According to recent studies, 4-5 cups of coffee per day is the "sweet spot" to "live longer" . It means that such amount of coffee will help one to get a good doze of some essential nutrients (vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5; folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus), boost metabolism, may protect from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, lower risk of liver diseases, and lower risk of depression and suicide. On those studies a cup of coffee means "American cup of coffee", which seem to be 8 oz (240 ml). Which then means that 4 cups is approximately one liter. I have used to manage with 200 ml per day. And therefore it means I "need" to increase my daily coffee intake substantially! =D But one should of course also live healthy. For example one should then rather drink coffee without sugar. Moreover, it is recommended to use dark roast, which causes less jitters and heartburn. Caffeine is also addictive and can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep, which is why it is probably better not to drink coffee in the evening. But I do wonder if anxiety and disrupted sleep is actually merely caused by heartburn. So, again, try the dark roast to get less heartburn. Then few words about the post processing of this shot. I used my "the best camera" aka Canon Powershot G5 X. But then I uploaded the image to my smartphone, and used Snapseed software to edit the image. What I particularly like there is fast and pretty well working perspective correction. With that I manage to get the scale turned into rectangle, and gain this nice poster kind of outcome. Moreover, there is a tool to change the basic settings in a selected tiny area, which was useful here to increase the lightness on the scale display digits. ➽ Coffee — Good or Bad? by Kriss Gunnars

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Guilty pleasure This week I decided to get two group contributions done at once, and use the same image for The 50 Images-Project and for The Sunday Challenge . For The Sunday Challenge the topic was to illustrate guilty pleasure . I first thought I have no such thing. But then I started to think the concept of carbon footprint . From that point of view the whole human life is nothing but one huge guilty pleasure. Lately in Finnish media it has become common to make the whole nation to feel guilty for eating meat . On news and advertisements it is made clear that everyone should become as a vegan. And the carbon footprint is often mentioned in that context. So, we can try to calculate what is the carbon footprint of almost anything . In my case I started to wonder what is the carbon footprint of coffee . As in most of the cases, it is not very straightforward. One should try to take numerous aspects into that equation , like: farming , mill, exportation, roasting, grinding, packaging, distribution, purchasing, consumption and disposal. Further on, one can try to examine what the consumption exactly consist of. It for example makes a huge difference whether you go out to buy your morning coffee from the café , or whether you make it at home . And if you make your coffee at home, then do you wash the cups and pots every day, or just rinse them? One big waste of energy and resources is all the water we use . And do you let the coffee stay long in the coffee maker, or do you put it in the thermos bottle? That also matters! One way to cause smaller carbon footprint is to start drinking espresso or instant coffee . And one should absolutely give up adding milk , because anything that requires farming animals is absolutely worst thing we can do! Even the way how we boil the water matters. Or give up on coffee or tea entirely, and switch to drink tap water only. Or do like the deceased horse did. Just when it learned not to drink, it passed away. So, we all are more or less ashamed because of destroying this planet of ours. Sometimes I think it would be better to just "quit". But even the disposal of our remains is going to cause a carbon footprint. So, one reason to keep on living is to help each other to try making our carbon footprint smaller. Sharing information is the least we can do. But to change for example my bad habit to love coffee is much harder thing to do... And imagine how much energy and resources I used when writing this photo article on laptop, listening music from SoundCloud, and posting this online... ♫ guilty pleasure by Flamingosis at SoundCloud

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Something expired Two birds with one stone again. My contribution for The 50 Images-Project and for The Sunday Challenge #420 . I used to drink espresso, but obviously I have become lazy. So, the can of espresso grounds had expired six months ago. The date format we Finns use is dd.mm.yy. And in case of coffee it is merely a "best before" date. One can also try to keep a package of coffee grounds fresh longer by storing them in cool, dark and dry place. And of course it would be even better to use coffee beans and grind only what is need at home. But as said. I am lazy =D Anyway, I keep on dreaming to have time to spend time to make all by myself. Maybe even roast my own coffee. And especially time to enjoy a nice cup of espresso at home.

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Paper cups A year ago I posted on this same topic . I was exited and happy to find out there is a Finnish company that had started to manufacture plastic free paper cups. This year I come up with even better news. A big Italian company has started to use those plastic free paper cups on their vending machines worldwide. The paper cups on the image unfortunately are not those. I suppose it will take at least a year or two before such fully biodegradable and recyclable paper cups becomes common and available at wholesale markets and stores. Lavazza Professional launches biodegradable and recyclable cup for vending machines at Packaging Europe

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Espresso excursion I spent the last week as an excursion to espresso. Back in 1990s I bought this nice Alessi moka pot. It has an "handy" lever lock, which still works reliably after 25 years of use. Although, I have not actually used this moka pot much lately. Only thing that I have had to do is to buy a new rubber ring seal. Luckily this pot is still in production. And why not! It is a classic beauty, and very functional. Brewing espresso with moka pot I have pretty much learned from my big brother, who has lived somewhat 30 years in Catalonia, and has used to brew and drink espresso every day. But there are of course good instructions all over the web these days. As mentioned on my earlier coffee post , I am pretty lazy, and still using ready grind coffee. I probably should experiment using freshly roasted and grind coffee, because that is required to get crema on top . Crema is of course not must to have, but freshly roasted and grind coffee of course also makes the coffee taste better. Back in 1990s, and again during last week, I also experimented extra filtering with paper filter. This is not necessary, but if one wish to get rid of all dregs, then that is easily done by cutting such from coffee machine filters. Purists may wish to use bleached filter paper and rinse it before use . Somewhat the only step that I find extremely important is to use moderate heat. As said on the instructions I referred to: "You don’t want to boil the water in the pot but rather to create a gradual, controlled extraction." But I also now followed the suggestions to heat the water first in the kettle, and heat the coffee cup with hot water before pouring the coffee into. It is often also suggested to leave the lid open. If no other reason to do so, then at least it provides an enjoyment to watch how the coffee starts to run. When you use moderate heat, it should not even splatter much. If you have used to sweeten your espresso with sugar, I recommend making a "sweetener" of your own. When the very first drips of espresso starts to run into upper pot, pour a teaspoon of it into a stone cup or mortar. Then start adding there sugar, and try to grind and whip it into a foamy extraction. You can store it in the fridge and add little of it into your espresso (or any coffee). It gives a nice crema on top of your drink, and much better sweetness than plain sugar. Last but not least, do not afraid to wash your stainless steel moka pot in the dishwasher. This is also something I learned from my big brother, who has several moka pots in use. If you use aluminum moka pots, then of course those had to be washed by hand. And also the rubber seal ring should not be put in the dishwasher. Again, purists may frown, but it is not your moka pot I am "spoiling". You do as you please =P UPDATE Feb 21, 2020: ➽ How to make great coffee with your moka pot on Yuppie Chef ➽ The Great Paper Coffee Filters Debate: Bleached vs Unbleached by Brendan Nemeth on Perfect Daily Grind I also forgot to mention and illustrate the "right" method to empty the moka pot funnel: And naturally do that on top of a bowl or compost, not over the kitchen table =,D
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