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  • Behind the looking glass

  • So what do you see?

    Back in 2015 me and my social media friend Bev had a great time spotting pareidolia figures seen on the rocks: I went to the same place as in August 2015 and took a shot of those rocks seen on the bottom of Tammerkosk…

  • Tower hotel 20/50

    Test with the clip on fisheye lens.

  • Summer rain

    Found from the vaults. Picture taken in 2016. Soundtrack You Might Also Like This by SinQ: this

  • Beach

    Found from the vaults. Picture taken in 2016. Soundtrack The Beach by SinQ:

  • Another day at Disfarmer's

    Found another unpublished "Disfarmer copycat" from my archives. Previous version here: And if you don't know who Disfarmer was, find out more here: ... or here: /03/01/Disf…

  • Once upon a time on the moon

    Soundtrack Spirit In The Desert / I See You (ft. Jere Friedman) by Lightbath: esert-i-see-you

  • Tulips

    The sprouts I photographed for the Macro Monday April 15th challenge turned out to be tulips. See PiPs for more.

  • Summer morning in Myopia

    Sort of an accidental shot with clip on macro lens. Although, I was indeed intentionally trying to take an out of focus image, but then decided not to because I could not see a thing when wearing polaroid sun glasses. Seems that I pressed the shutter afte…

  • Tower hotel 19/50

    The morning was very serene and water still on the Naistenlahti harbor.

  • Tower hotel 18/50

    Sokos Hotel Torni seen from Ratinan Kulma (previously Vuoltsu). After the opening of new shopping centre Ratina, this scene has recently become very popular for amateur photographers around Tampere region.

  • o_O

    Mr Nobody in spring mood. Looks like PicMonkey stopped working(?) Started to work again.

  • Pyynikki view tower, Tampere

    My Ipernity friend Mariano suggested to give more precise, descriptive and accurate image titles. That way the images hopefully becomes noticed on global searches (e.g. Google), and brings visitors to Ipernity.

  • Tower Hotel 17/50

    Members of The 50 Images-Project group! Should we close the group? Please express your opinion: 90116 I have recently done some tests to see if people follow the groups or only their news. When someone posts a p…

  • Conflict

    Soundtrack 'Conflict Divide' by drumcell: 1

  • Great Sharpness Depate

    Published under Creative Commons Attribution. So, you can download and view this on your own computer. On left, Windows Photo Viewer In the middle, Flickr On right, Ipernity For me left and right looks the same, middle (Flickr) maybe a little sharper.…

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