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13 Sep 2020 24 22 61
Contribution for The Sunday Challenge #451: Stationery My wife's grandmother's album amicorum aka autograph book . Except she also seem to have used is a collection book for Victorian scraps.

Testing Screencastify for making "ipernity howto"…

11 Sep 2020 4 2 47
The subject is "How to customize your homepage". First the basics: 1) Go to " Content of your home page " settings. 2) Use green plus to add block(s). 3) Grab on the block header to change it's place. Over the block header, press the mouse cursor down, keep it pressed, and then start moving the block. Then release the mouse cursor to leave the block where you want it. 4) Do not forget to SAVE! Do notice the default "Latest photos and videos posted" block is fixed. It's place can be changed, but it can't be removed. It also turns from large images to small ones when it is not the only block on the homepage. ---- Details of the video This video was created with Screencastify . It is probably available as a Chrome browser extension only. It is free to use up to 5 minute videos. On Screencastify there are tools to share and download videos in multiple ways. I converted the video onto mp4 format, downloaded it, and then uploaded it here at ipernity. This short video takes 9 megabytes space at the server. If you are planning to do similar videos, then be prepared for uploads that can take a lot of time, and keep the videos short to save your personal space at ipernity. And if you do "ipernity howto" instructions by yourself, then please use the "ipernity howto" keyword.

01 Sep 2020 25 29 87
Contribution for The Sunday Challenge #450: Something old A cookbook from year 1862 (2nd ed.). The name of the book goes something like this: "Advises on the most necessary homely fare and banquet dishes, as well as instructions on a wide range of baking and beverages, and information on harvesting foods and saving foodstuffs, etc." There's no author(s) mentioned . Which probably means the recipes are collected and edited by the publisher J. C. Frenckell & Son. I found out the first edition has been published on 1849: More over, it is supposedly translated from a book previously published in some other language. At that time it has obviously not been so important and legislated to reveal the original source. EDIT: Thanks to Alains, I realized the website reveals this: Imprimatur. (licence to publish) by I. U. Wallenius Translation into Finnish by J. F. Granlund But no language of originals mentioned still.

04 Sep 2020 28 27 83
Happy Fence Friday! =)

Poll results 2020-09-03 08.50.17

03 Sep 2020 1 9 45
This screen capture already gives a good overall view. However, on both there were one duplicate visit. Therefore at this point of time the result is: 10 likes tea 19 likes coffee As Xata commented previously , one could very well choose both. It then means the "both options are okay". And if this would be a choice between "two evil", one could either decide not to vote, or accept both as "better than nothing". I have now revised the poll description accordingly . There were zero anonymous visits on both. If there would have been, those should have become reduced from the results as well. Thank you for helping me to test this! =)

02 Sep 2020 6 35 99
This is a test. Purpose is to find out how this could work as a casual online poll here at ipernity. Follow the link of your choice. If you visit both, then both choices are okay for you. If you visit multiple times, only one visit will become accepted on final results. If you have chosen to hide your visits on account settings and appear as "anonymous", your visit as a vote is not accepted on final results. A) I like coffee B) I like tea This poll uses the unique URL feature . The results can be shared as a screen capture. The poll is open as longs as the unique URL cookie allows. In this case at least until September 2021. Before opening the poll, one can choose the cookie expire date between 7, 30, 90 and 365 days. So, for example 7 days would be a good option for such a casual poll.

Old fire engine

06 Oct 2018 41 56 377
Because of big fire at Finlayson factory in 1870, this heavy duty fire engine was bought from England in 1874. It served not only the Finlayson factory but also the city of Tampere for many decades. It's last service was during 1939 "Winter War", to put down fires caused by aerial bombing. In 1962 it became a museum relic and finally moved outside to the current place next to Frenckell's old factory buildings. The fire engines like this were first powered by steam engines in 19th century. Then in 20th century they became powered by diesel or electric engines. This pump was able to move 1500 liters of water per minute with six atmospheric air pressure. Sources Fire engine - History: James Finlayson (industrialist):

End of the road

28 Aug 2020 20 14 68
♫ You taught me to like it by Spunkshine This brought up so much attention that I decided to edit it a little further and share the original . I used Mirrorlab, Snapseed and Instagram for Android. As you can see, one may not need to obtain a glass sphere and fancy lenses to get such outcome. But yes, there is of course "the old school" way to do things. And good software is not free either. But sometimes it is worth it.

Mr Nobody pretends to be somebody

26 Aug 2020 13 15 50
Contribution for The Sunday Challenge #449: Mask(s) Idea in seconds, few minutes of planning, but naturally a lot of shadow and other images "stacked" in my sub consciousness for years. All I had to do is wait for a sunny day. Execution took no more than two shots taken in 15 minutes (including walk to the park nearby). Few minutes editing on Snapseed for Android. Familiar background: Familiar perspective: Familiar prop:

Coffee 34/50

26 Aug 2020 14 9 56
Salt Not the 1970s Strategic Arms Limitation Talks during Cold War. Neither a practical joke to spoil someone's coffee. What I mean is the old trick to cut the bitterns of coffee with good old NaCl. This is really nothing new. "Old folks" have known it for decades. By adding just hint of salt fools the receptors and thus cuts the bitterness caused by Chlorogenic Acid Lactones and Phenylindanes . I tested this myself, with two cups of coffee. I added little salt into one, and then flushing my mouth with a glass of water in between, I tasted the both. Not so dramatic, but indeed it seems to work. But be careful not to add too much! Only few grains of salt per cup is enough. Better to start too carefully than generously. And this also brings into my mind what my mother once told me. When she was a little girl, she truly believed salt works as an opposite for sugar. If something is too sweet, then adding salt would make it less sweet, and vice versa. Although, I say they do work together. At least for us Finns, who love that terrible candy called salmiak .

Coffee 33/50

25 Aug 2020 15 15 68
Misfortune " It brings bad luck if you fill a cup that is not empty. " That is what the waitress told us, and then she filled our cups anyway. This happened few years ago, when me and my wife were visiting my mother. We had a nice lunch in a restaurant, and were having a cup of coffee for a desert. The waitress politely offered to fill our cups, and while doing it, she told this old superstition. And so she jinxed us! After lunch we went out to a rocky seashore, to get some fresh air. My mother walked ahead of us, probably thinking she is still a six year old young girl. And so she fell on her back, and hit her head on the rock. Blood was bleeding, and the nice walk outside became in to a sudden end. I drove my wife back to my mother's place, and rushed to take my mother to the local health care unit. And once we arrived there, we found out it was closed, and we have to go to the nearest open outpatient clinic and hospital, which was a hundred kilometres away. So, we drove to the next town, and I was all the time chatting nervously to my mother, to make sure she is awake and okay. At the hospital we had to wait some more to get to the doctor, and to get mother's head examined and scanned. It was late at night before we got back home. Luckily it was only a scratch bad enough to cause bleeding, and bruised ego to my mom. But ever since we have been superstitious enough to avoid filling a cup of coffee that is not empty.

Nose in the ass theorem

23 Aug 2020 9 17 46
any allusion to politics is purely coincidental

11SH A spider web


23 Aug 2020 21 25 96
Contribution for The Sunday Challenge #448: Something related to a moment of laughter in our past. Especially during lockdown, we use messenger between family members. Part of so called phatic communication is to send selfies tweaked with funny filters. Then others express their amusement with LOL emojies.

Myopic travel on a train

22 Aug 2020 19 24 80
I have had no need to travel on a public transportation much during Covid-19. Now I had to. For a myopic it is a rather amusing experience. Spectacles get steamy because of the mask. So, it is rather blurry and dreamy, with or without spectacles.

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