1/1250 f/8.0 11.8 mm ISO 400

Canon PowerShot G5 X

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DUST!??? But no worries =)

DUST!??? But no worries =)
You can vacuum clean your camera ;-)

Be careful when doing it. So, see my article or jump right to Cristi Kerekes's YouTube tutorial.

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Xata club
I dont have the canon camera but I was amazed by the use of vacuum cleaner. Never had the problem with the compact Q2 but with M10 or Nikon I had dust in the sensor. It usually goes away using one of those "pears" to clean the inside of our ears... I use a new one only with air, of course!!!!
3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Xata club
I hope this trick turns out useful for some other gear then =)

And most important, saves some money, and trouble, and time! To send my camera to service would have taken several weeks. There used to be a local camera service here at Tampere, but it seem to have closed. And now camera like this would have become sent all the way to Germany, and take few weeks.
3 months ago.
Xata club has replied to Sami Serola club
I have the same problem with Nikon...
With Leica I phone them, they order an transporter's pick up, it comes back within the week and they do not charge. But I am not doing it while I can solve the problem by myself...
3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Xata club
Leica, Rolls Royce of cameras! =)

But I can't afford to buy one. I have to settle for a "budget Leica" =D
Budget Leica
3 months ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
I see, it worked ;-)
3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Boarischa Krautmo club
Yes, it did! =)
3 months ago.
polytropos club
I use => THIS and it works quite well and it's easy to take with you.
You want me to order one for you? ;-))
3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to polytropos club
I have one already.

But the point is that blowing is not enough. One need to suck air out from one end or side of the optics to really get the air circulate inside, and get the dust particles removed. Actually blowing may even get the dust go deeper inside.
3 months ago.
 Wierd Folkersma
Wierd Folkersma club
Thanks for the tip, I have no dust spots yet on my G5X, but two bad ones on the Canon Ixus 100S, I tried and one dustspot disappeared, but the second one stayed. Maybe the vacuum cleaner hose is too big for the small lens, I will make the hose opening smaller, let us see.
3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Wierd Folkersma club
Let's hope it works. Panasonic Lumix is actually much better sealed. I was going to give it the same treatment, but found out there's no need.

Be careful!
3 months ago. Edited 3 months ago.
 Edna Edenkoben
Edna Edenkoben club
That happened to one of my cameras, too. It's normal after a few years and then it's time to buy a new one. Or to open it up and get rid of the dust...nah, way too much work! ;-)
3 months ago.

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