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☕ Coffee

Coffee 11/50

Coffee 11/50 

Kalter Kaffee macht schön

In Finnish we have very similar expression, and I have always wondered what does it mean. Well, luckily we have Google these days. Although, one can't always be sure what online information is reliable or not.

Anyway, the first sources I found claimed that the cold coffee makes one beautiful because the coffee is no longer warm after the time spent to do something else. So, somewhat sexist claims were that especially women spend so much time on their makeup, that they forget to drink their coffee while it is still warm. But who's fault it is then? One should blame the person in the household who can't wait, and must brew the coffee before everyone else are ready to enjoy it together... ;-)

But then I found sources where the origin of the phrase was tracked way back to baroque period (early 17th century). At that time heavy makeups and wigs became fashionable, as did coffee. And makeups at that time were much less water and heat resistant than today. So, if one wanted to enjoy coffee after makeup, it would be better to drink it cold, to avoid hot steam spoiling all the hard work.

One has to keep in mind that both makeup and coffee were privilege of nobles, merchants and aristocrat. But so were the "social media" at that time. Music was one form of media and advertising, and for example Johan Sebastian Bach wrote a cantata to ridicule the suspicious attitudes against coffee at that time.

Anyway, I sincerely recommend cold brew coffee, if you wish to avoid the hot steams ruining your "heavy makeup" =)

Johann Sebastian Bach - "Coffee Cantata" BWV 211 at YouTube (English Subtitles)

P.S. The collage done with Pixlr for Android. It comes with number of layouts, and allows one to change the overall aspect ratio and frame colors.

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18 comments - The latest ones
©UdoSm club
I can see a ghost in the glass… ? ✌(◕‿-)✌
3 months ago. Edited 3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to ©UdoSm club
Not a ghost, yet... =D
3 months ago.
 Amelia Heath
Amelia Heath club
A monster through the glass? ;-)) I love the green cup, Sami.
3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Amelia Heath club
It is Beauty! =P Thanks, Amelia =)
3 months ago.
 Marko Novosel
Marko Novosel
Coffee,tea,milk with pollen grains,vitamin cocoa,everything is better with Bach ;)
3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Marko Novosel
Ha ha ha! =D

Here's some more coffee though =)
3 months ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
Nice collage.
Have a healthy weekend.
3 months ago.
Gudrun club
Coffee, what would we do without it! I admit that my third and last mug of morning coffee often goes cold while I read my mails and news on Ipernity;-) I like your collage and distorted grimaces.
3 months ago.
Edna Edenkoben club has replied to Gudrun club
OMG! After 3 cups of coffee in the morning I'd be in the intensive care unit with a caffeine poisoning ;-) I can only drink one espresso size cup of instant coffee in the morning and that's it :-D
3 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Edna Edenkoben club
It depends on the size of the cup ;-)
3 months ago.
Gudrun club has replied to Edna Edenkoben club
My coffee is weak like dishwater with milk added, no worries abour caffeine posoning;-)
3 months ago.
 Edna Edenkoben
Edna Edenkoben club
I agree. It makes for beautiful zombies! :-)))
3 months ago.
 Jocelyne Villoing
Jocelyne Villoing club
Ahah une seule pour moi... chaque chose a ses limites (lol) !
Bon WE Sami.
3 months ago.
neira-Dan club
beau collage
3 months ago.
 Ern Jacoby
Ern Jacoby club
Thank you for this entertaining research, in times nothing left to do enjoying coffee in all variations .....
3 months ago.
Heidiho club
Very interesting informations here .... "kein kalter Kaffee"
3 months ago.
 michael / nureinmoment /
michael / nureinmome… club
nice collage
2 months ago.
 Wierd Folkersma
Wierd Folkersma club
do you know this?
It is known in Holland as "koffiedik kijken"
3 weeks ago. Edited 3 weeks ago.

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