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Whitelist ipernity for advertisement blocker extension

Whitelist ipernity for advertisement blocker extension 

If you are missing some features like unable to add location on the map or unable to change the authorization on uploader, then you may have some extension blocking those features. What you then have to do is whitelist How to do that may vary, but here's how to do that on AdBlock for Firefox:

Screenshot 2019-11-06 08.57.00

On AdBlock Dashboard and whitelist you add a new line and write there the URL address of ipernity home page and put /* into the end of the line. The asterisk symbol * in the end of the URL means that all pages under that web site are then ignored by AdBlock extension. The syntax may vary, but this is probably the most common one.

There are many different advertisement blocking extensions, and how to access and edit the whitelist on them can be tricky. I do recommend visiting on their own help pages to find out more specific instructions. You can also ask and share help here on comments.

Ignoring (whitelisting) all pages at ipernity can be done because we do not have any advertisements here. Well yes, those SPAM accounts popping out on daily bases of course, but we keep on trying to get them all deleted as soon as they rise their ugly heads. They should not much bother anyone if you stay out of images uploaded recently by all ipernity users.

More about whitelists here:

Instructions for uBlock extension:

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 Amelia Heath
Amelia Heath club
Thank goodness we have no adverts on Ipernity. I get all sorts of adverts on the page I check for weather. The mighty Google tells me that it will try and not show them again. Google tells untruths.
8 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Amelia Heath club
Yes, those extensions can be also useful. So, if you do not have one yet, I then recommend trying them out. But as said here, you may have to whitelist ipernity.
8 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Amelia Heath club
Oh, and in case of Google pages those ads are difficult to block because they are not shown as flashy boxes but as inline text.

Although, that particular AdBlock extension I illustrate here seem to be rather effective for example on Google search page.
8 months ago. Edited 8 months ago.
David G Johnson club has replied to Amelia Heath club
Amelia... you might want to install 'ad block pro' ... I get no ads at all..anywhere.. anytime..
Cheers from Dj.
8 months ago.
fifi club
8 months ago.
 David G Johnson
David G Johnson club
Many thanks for that information.. Sami'... I have been getting the 'communications error'' since early 2018... and needed to place the photo via 'Organise' // I will read through your 'Whitelist' instruction again.. and act on it.
Thanks again... from Dj.
Further to previous text .. I cancelled the 'Adblock' for 'Ipernity'.. and the ''communications error'' box is no longer shown.. all is fine.. thanks again for bringing this to my attention...
Best wishes to you.. from David J' UK.
8 months ago. Edited 8 months ago.

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