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Found from the vaults. Picture taken in 2016.

Great deal of photography is about exclusion. It is a magic of leaving things out from the picture, things the person who views the image does not necessary know about.

If you haven't ever visited Tampere Finland, and seen this building, you can not know what is around this view. You can't know how tall the building is, if it continues far to the left or right, or what is below. But you can use your imagination!

So, the picture is like a fictional book. You can complete the story with everything you have experienced before. Fill in the empty spaces not told. Build the rest with your dreams and nightmares. See the chimneys that reach the sky. Smell the smoke and hear the sounds of machines.

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 Pam J
Pam J club
Superb commentary !
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Pam J club
Thank you, Pam. That is something I once wrote on 'Shoot and Tell' blog I tried to get started with two of my online friends. It never succeeded.

I suppose I should now republish some of those articles of mine here at ipernity.
19 months ago.
 Diane Putnam
Diane Putnam club
I hear pshhhhh-clank-clank-clank! I heard it immediately, before I read your comment. Quite an intimidating place, until I look at the lovely brick details.
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Diane Putnam club
Thank you, Diane.

It is surprisingly noiseless factory. Good sound proofing I guess. It is a paper mill in the middle of the city.

Two more shots:
Factory Factory in autumn colours
19 months ago.
Diane Putnam club has replied to Sami Serola club
Paper mill! In my experience, a paper mill smells hellishly horrible! Is there some Finnish magic to having it in the middle of a city?
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Diane Putnam club
Surprisingly it does not smell. And I don't know why. They produce there some very special and quality paper, and they import the ready made cellulose from somewhere else. Maybe that is the reason why the factory does not smell.
19 months ago.
Sylvain Wiart club has replied to Sami Serola club
Only the kraft paper factories smell hydrogen sulfide, but not only :-))
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Sylvain Wiart club
The imported pulp used at this factory is Bleached Chemi-ThermoMechanical Pulp (BCTMP). Maybe that also explains the lack of smell.

But yes, I remember the awful smell of kraft paper factory from my childhood, when I lived in town of Rauma on west coast. One got used to it, but when coming home from some long vacation trip, the smell was terrible =/
19 months ago. Edited 19 months ago.
 aNNa schramm
aNNa schramm club
eine Fabrik aus schönem Backstein und danke für deine Geschichte ...
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to aNNa schramm club
Danke schön, aNNa.
19 months ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
Toll ! And nice words ! Like them very much together !
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Ulrich John club
Thank you very much, Ulrich.
19 months ago.
Gudrun club
Restricting your compostion to just a part of the factory does indeed inspire the viewers' imagination!
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Gudrun club
Thank you, Gudrun. It is something I started to consider explicitly when having discussions concerning the aspect ratio. Image always lies! Because of the limitations of the space where the image gets represented, the image never can't show the whole context. One can of course try for example those 360 images, but even then there are several variables that remains "hidden".
19 months ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
good shot!
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Boarischa Krautmo club
Thank you, Boarischa.
19 months ago.
 John FitzGerald
John FitzGerald club
I agree completely. ANd I just realized there's a statistical explanation here -- a photograph is a non-random sample, so we cannot know the accuracy with which it depicts the surroundings.
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to John FitzGerald club
I had to search and read to understand that, but I think I understood the point =D

It is for example fun to try capture "nature photographs" in the middle of the urban area. With careful composition one can find details that looks like taken somewhere in wilderness.
19 months ago.
 Sylvain Wiart
Sylvain Wiart club
avec ce cadrage serré, ça pourrait être à New-York !
19 months ago.
Sami Serola club has replied to Sylvain Wiart club
Merci, Sylvain =)

Something like that. I for example like to make crops where tall buildings looks even taller and bigger than they really are:
Tower hotel 15/50
19 months ago.
 Gabi Lombardo
Gabi Lombardo club
great details - well seen.....
19 months ago.

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