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  • Blue Ridge

  • la casita del hombre del bosque

  • Tom and Ashley preparing dinner

  • Tom's dinner

  • Tom's dinner

  • My mum-in-law collects large cat balls

    Poor cats.

  • Mountain Union Chuch alter - stitched panorma

  • Door knob on Mountain Union Church

  • Mountain Union Church - Roanoke, Virginia

  • Ashley after studying for Anatomy

    Shot taken in Ashley's first year of medical school shortly after studying for Anatomy. Lest you think medical school is easy. She ate a light snack for dinner and then just fell out. I checked for breathing and a pulse and then picked her up and put he…

  • What Medical School is Like -or- Studying for Anatomy

    Photo from a little while back when Ashley was in her first year of medical school at VCU MCV. She still uses the floor as her desk from time to time, but Anatomy demanded most of the den floor.

  • el desayuno con una sonrisa

    This is an older photo that I rediscoverd. I had mentioned to Ashley the importance of presentatin in cuisine, and this is what I got for breakfast the next morning.

  • My father, Don Kimrey, playing basketball with legendary Harlem Globetrotter, Curly Neal.

    My father, Don Kimrey, worked in the late 1970's and early 1980's to raise awareness and funds for the Autistic Society. He organized celebrity softball games and I got to be bat boy for the NASCAR team back when Cale Yarborough and Richard Petty were sti…

  • JuJu.jpg

    Julie lookin' mighty swell.

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