Lars Sözüer

Lars Sözüer

Posted on 08/27/2008

Photo taken on August 27, 2008

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(eo) Tamen ni ŝatas la majestajn manovrojn de la grandaj bordoj
(de) Geier - Doch wir mögen die majestätischen Manöver der großen Vögel
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Eliane Marques
Eliane Marques
Beautiful! I love birds.
I'm amazed how esperanto is popular in Europe, oddly in Brazil it has few people interested in esperanto. Actually, wouldn't be so difficult to brazilians, many words in esperanto come from latin as portuguese, the language of Brazil.
I have been reading many posts in Ipernity written in esperanto, it's a new thing to me :)
6 years ago.
Lars Sözüer has replied to Eliane Marques
Yes, it was great to watch those majestic vultures.
Perhaps the popularity of Esperanto in Brazil is not as low as you think:
6 years ago.

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